LB #2: "Updates, Weight-loss, & Excitement."

Time for another blog. It's been a few weeks, time is flying like always!

First things first, Apollo is adjusting quite nicely. Him & Kora have worked out their differences & have since been spotted cuddling in the sunlight from the upstairs window. Next step, getting along with the dogs... that one may take a while! In the meantime, he loves to sit in the kitchen window & watch the birds dancing around my garden. Such a handsome boy he is! I adore my furbabies! Odin now knows how to swim. He's really smart & he taught himself how to fetch, now we throw the stick further into the lake & he doesn't let that stop him. He also had us cracking up as he now puts his head under the water to look for stuff. It looks so funny!

My garden is doing awesome! I already have ten or so tomatoes on the vine, growing larger each day. I also have about twice as many bell peppers doing just the same. My Brussels Sprouts are taking off, I can't believe how tall they are getting. After doing research, it seems they won't be ready to harvest until October. I can't wait! I have some zucchini & eggplant blossoms starting. Everything, it just doing really well & I am very proud of it.

James & I went fishing the other day. He caught a very nice sized large mouth bass. I caught two large mouth bass & two rock bass. I have so much fun out in the river with James, I can't wait for his next day off so we can go out again. I'm hoping he takes off for summer vacation soon.

I have now been on for a month and a half & I have lost 20lbs! That's right, twenty-freaking-pounds! Ahh! I'm so proud of myself & so is James. He's pushing me to keep with it, though I find it a bit easier some days simply because I am doing it for myself.

Next month, I will be crossing something off of my bucket list thanks to my future husband, a few hours of overtime, & a special deal that made it affordable... We will be seeing Nickelback in concert! I'm so freaking excited! I don't think I could possibly be more excited than I am right now. I can't wait! Can you say, OH MY GOODNESS!?!?!

Other than that, we're living life one day at a time, like anyone can do... it helps to have a few special things to look forward to in the future, such as the concert & our wedding... but in the end, I'm happy to have my semi-simple little life with my soulmate. :)

Until the next LB... Thanks for reading!

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