LB #1: "Apollo, Sparkpeople, Gardening & Crochet."

We added a new member to our little family last week. His name is Apollo & he is a one year old Orange Tabby. He is such an amazing little furball & we already love him to pieces. With each passing day Kora seems to be letting her guard down & she actually seems to be getting along with him. Apollo is still a little shy around Odin & Loki, but I believe that in time they will all be best buddies, just like Kora is now. So now we have Loki, Odin, Kora, Apollo & our turtle Kirby. Talk about a full house. ^_^ I wouldn't trade them for the world. They make my life complete.

On another note as of Sunday, I have been on for a three weeks & I have lost 12lbs so far. I'm so very proud of myself. I have a lot more to go before I hit my goal weight, but I have more than enough time to lose it before I say "I Do" & become the wife to my very amazing Fiance (who is also starting to eat better, which helps a great deal!) I bought the SparkPeople Cookbook & I was surprised with just how many recipes sound good! I bookmarked a ton of recipes & can't wait until our next shopping trip to stock up on all the healthy foods.

As if having four pets didn't keep me busy enough, I also planted quite a bit of new stuff in my backyard garden this year. I can't wait until harvest time. Last year I had so many homegrown bell peppers & tomatoes that they were coming out our ears. I planted quite a bit this year: Brussels Sprouts, Better Boy Tomatoes, Bell Peppers (Red, Yellow & Green), White Eggplant, Zucchini Squash, Cilantro & Basil. I also planted a few very pretty pre-annuals like red carnations & yellow day-lilies.

A few months ago I found out that my Aunt & Uncle out in California are going to have a baby! I'm going to have a baby cousin. I was so excited to find that out. A few weeks later, they told us that it is going to be a boy! I got to work right away on a baby blanket & I even had enough yarn left over to make the most ADORABLE hat & booties. They were mailed out this weekend & are on their way to a new home. Hopefully I will have pictures to share of my baby cousin in them after he is born, for now, here are the pictures I took of them upon completing them. :)

I have now moved on to another project, this time, it is my first ever following a written pattern only. Everything I have worked on before has been a video. I can't wait to see how it turns out. It's a very roomy tote/bag with 8 pockets... I'm about halfway done with it. Once I am finished, I will post pictures of that as well.

So, that's my life as of now... More LB (Life Blogs) to come. :) Thanks for reading!

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