Dear Santa...

Hello everyone out there in blogger land. I hope you all had a terrific holiday. Ours was simple, & very low key. The Mister & I had Ham instead of Turkey since it was just the two of us. I made homemade mashed potatoes & green bean casserole. We spent almost the entire day relaxing & watching Weeds on Netflix. So glad I got him hooked on it. hehe. Today I continued on my Crochet for Christmas projects. Trying to make a scarf for all of the ladies in my family, we will see how it goes though since I must be the world's slowest crocheter. :)

 The mister went back to work this afternoon. We had & probably will never have the desire to run out on Black Friday & risk getting beaten up to save a few dollars on things we probably don't really need anyway. But it still got me thinking about what I want for Christmas. :) Have any of you put together your Christmas lists? I know, I know, good will towards men & peace on earth. ;) But what do you REALLY want?
I made a list today of the things I really would like "Santa" to bring me... In no specific order, I might add...

{Number 1, 2, 5 & 6} I am a huge fan of Disney Pixar movies! Yet, I don't own ANY! Say, whaaaa? I know. I just never really have the money to buy them because there is always something MORE important to buy. So, here we have UP, Finding Nemo, Cars 2, & The Muppets, which are most of my top favorites. Cars & Monsters Inc. are currently in the vault, so I have to wait. *pout* {What does the vault mean, click here to find out.}

{Number 3} Women's Plus Curvy Sweater Dress (Size 3x, Black) - I have wanted this dress for over a year now. What is so silly, is it's not even that expensive. I just once again, always say "No, there is something more important we need." So I always leave it to sit in my online cart until kicks it out & I have to find it all over again a few months later.

{Number 4} Plus Size Solid Sweater Tight (Size E, Black & Grey)- I have been looking for these everywhere. I've really been into wearing dresses as of late, which is perfect since it is now freaking freezing outside. Way to go Krys, couldn't wear them in the summer, eh? Oh shut up you! Haha. ;)

{Number 7} A Giftcard to Michael's (Any amount would be AWESOME!). So I can buy lots & lots of pretty yarn of course. :D

{Number 8} Opus N' Bill: A Wish For Wings That Work- Probably one of my favorite Christmas movies! I was so excited to see that it is now on DVD! If you have not seen it, you should!

And, last but not least... my real STRETCH of a Christmas Wish...

{Number 9} Kindle Paperwhite 3G- This is that holy grail wish. Something I would never really expect to get. I never really even wanted one until I used my Grandmother's while I was out visiting her in California. I was able to read more than I had in an entire year. It was just so easy to have with me. And reading at night was great without having to turn on the lights & bug everyone. :) Plus I liked how it kept your page & you could pick up right away where you left off. Love love love it!

If you are an awesome person & want to check out my wishlist, you can click here! :)

So what is on your Christmas list? :)

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