Liebster Blog Award!

I have been nominated by Helen over at the Blue Eyed Beauty Blog for a Liebster Award! Thank you so much Helen, you are too awesome! To see her Liebster Award post, you can click, here.

What is a Liebster award? Well from what I understand, the origins of the award are fairly unknown & mysterious. What I do know is that the word, Liebster is German for "Dearest One". It is a term of endearment, so that can't be bad right! :)

In order to accept the award there are a few rules you must follow...

The Rules...

  1. You must thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. You must write eleven facts/things/tidbits about yourself.
  3. You must answer the eleven questions that were given to you from your nominator.
  4. You must nominate eleven other bloggers who have 200 or less followers, & tag them in your acceptance post.
  5. You must create eleven new questions for your nominees to answer in their acceptance post.
  6. You must notify your eleven nominees on their blog, so they can accept their award & pay it forward.
  7. You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
  8. After all this done, you may add the Liebster Award Button to your blog. :)

My eleven tidbits...

  1. I love candles that smell like yummy treats! Anything with caramel, apples, hazelnuts, or cinnamon tones will be bought & burned all day long. :)
  2. I am allergic to hazelnuts. But I am able to eat any other type, including peanuts, almonds, & cashews. Strange, I know!
  3. I don't like to stay within the lines with a lot of things... I never follow a recipe or a pattern to the "T". I always need to make it my own. :)
  4. I hate winter & summer, I wish fall would last longer.
  5. I've entered about fifty giveaways in the last two months... I have won three. :)
  6. I finished three of my five Crochet Christmas presents!
  7. "Won't Give In" by the Finn Brothers is the ringtone on my cell phone. ♥
  8. I am a proud Anglophile, Hibernophile, & Technophile.
  9. I only like hot coffee from a diner. It just tastes better.
  10. I think of the comedian Hal Sparks* whenever I order a Frapachino from Starbucks & when ordering Pizza. {Warning*: Hal Sparks uses quite a bit of adult language in his bits.}
  11. I've never been a girly girl, nor am I really a tomboy. I'm right down in the middle, I like to dress up & wear makeup. But I also like to go camping & fish in the river alongside of my Mister. :)

Eleven answers to Helen's questions...

  1. What inspired you to blog?

    I believe it was more of a who, than a what that inspired me to start blogging.  I started following Kevin & Amanda after finding her site when searching for Fonts. I loved how creative she was & how she was able to share all the aspects of her life through her beautiful blog. So, I decided that I would give it a go. :)
  2. What are two of your most inspirational internet sources for blogging?

    Right now I would have to say my blogging inspiration is coming from a few other bloggers. Their daily entries make really amazing writing prompts in case I have no idea what to write... the two that I really enjoy the most right now are, BlogLoveTherpy & Life After I "Dew".

  3. Do you use Pinterest to promote your blog?

    No, not really. I mainly use Pinterest to stockpile recipes & patterns I'll probably never use. lol. Oh, & I also use it to promote giveaways from other bloggers! :)
  4. What is your favorite thing to blog about?

    I don't think I really have a favorite thing to blog about. Especially since I have a very random style of blogging. I guess, if I had to choose... I really like the series that I am starting to follow. I enjoy answering questions. :)
  5. What one thing would you tell a newbie blogger?

    Well I am a fairly new blogger, so I wouldn't have too much advice to give except, just keep posting... Post for you, not for anyone else & the readers will come. A very bright woman told me something like that a few weeks ago. :)
  6. Do you like feedback from your readers, positive & negative?

    I think we all like feedback from our readers & for the most part we all hope for it to be positive. But of course, you learn from the negative. I welcome all types of feedback, it's how you grow.
  7. Does your blog have a purpose?

    I think it does. On a personal level it gives me something to pour my energy & thoughts into. I'm able to express myself & my creativity in a more positive & outward way. It's all about, keeping possitive in this minus world of ours. :)
  8. Is your blog a source of escape or relief for yourself?

    Oh, of course it is. It's one of many I have. Crocheting is another. I also enjoy reading & playing video games... we all need something to keep our minds busy.
  9. How many hours a day do your spend blogging?

    Well, I don't blog everyday... I'm working on it though! The days I do blog, I'd say it takes me a good hour or so to complete my blog posts. The rest of time, I am making my rounds through the blogs I follow & leaving a few comments here & there.
  10. Do you remember the first blog you ever saw, read, or followed?

    I sure do, I actually followed two on the same day... Kevin & Amanda, and Summertime Designs.
  11. Do you enjoy blogging?

    I do very much. Some days I feel a bit overwhelmed by it though. I have to keep reminding myself that it is not a race. Just because there are bloggers who blog three times a day, doesn't mean that I have to... nor does it mean that I am any less of a blogger. We all have our own pace, I'm just getting into my own groove of things. :)

My eleven questions for the next eleven nominees...

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
  3. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
  4. What's for dinner?
  5. What is your most prized possession?
  6. What is the top thing on your Christmas list?
  7. What is your favorite holiday movie?
  8. Say time travel were possible, what time period would you travel to?
  9. What is the strangest or most unique food you have ever tried?
  10. If you could only listen to one song & one song only for the entire year of 2013, what would it be?
  11. Who would you say, is your biggest fan?

My eleven nominees are...

  1. Dimples & Delights.
  2. Forever Lovely.
  3. Hope & Sugar.
  4. Love Sparkle Pretty.
  5. Ordinarily Obsessed.
  6. Once Upon A Canvas.
  7. The Dwelling Tree.
  8. Northern Belle Diaries.
  9. Betwixt & Between.
  10. That's the thing about destiny, you can find her Liebster post here.
  11. Her Untitled Blog.
Now once you all post about your Liebster Award, send me the link so I can link it here. :)


  1. I didn't know about the German bit!! SO glad you added that to your award speech!! :)

    I love #1! I use candle warmers instead of actual candles though. :) I'm the same way as you are with #3, thus the reason I have so many recipes & tutorials lol. #11 I totally understand how you feel there too!!

    #2 I LOVE BlogLoveTherapy too!! Isn't she just amazing?! #5 I love that! :) You go girl!! And you totally rock! #7 Love that! #8 I completely agree! Crochet is another source I use as well haha. #9 all that matters is that you actually work on posts, and you do!! :) #11 Just remember this is YOUR blog and you run it like YOU want to. Some people have more time than others (like me, I have all day to blog lol) and can write a lot, while others blog in the evenings or after work or school.

    You have an absolutely fantastic blog and are growing so well!! I am proud to be one of your many followers! I am amazed at how many followers you have gained in just a few short weeks since you came into the blogging world! :) Congratulations on your Liebster Award!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    1. Lol. Yeah, I took German for two years in high school. Though I barely remember any of it. But Liebster is one word I did remember. :)

      I burn candles, but I also have a Scentsy warmer. I just hate that the scented wax doesn't last that long. :( I am almost out, I need to buy more. I'm currently burning an apple pie candle & I have Oats & Honey burning in my Scensty warmer... My house smells yummy! :)

      I'm trying to keep up with all the blog postings... At first I felt bad because I only posted three blogs last week, but then I see that I am at 16 for November & that is crazy! So, I don't feel bad anymore.

      I'm home most if not all day too, but I get distracted. Crochet, Netflix, cleaning the house... you know how it goes. Plus I am not really on the computer when the Mister is home from work. He was off three days last week because of the holiday. :)

      Thank you so much for nominating me. :)

    2. I have a Scentsy warmer but I actually use Tyler wax because the scent lasts a ton longer. I used to buy that back in Oklahoma. I know they're made in Texas. I haven't tried looking for any online. I probably will when my little stash runs low lol. Ooh yum! I bet that smells awesome!

      Oh yeah that's awesome!! Especially for your very first month! My first month I posted 10 and then I posted 1 the month after haha.

      Netflix is an easy distraction too, but I am one of those that would get more distracted by a blog or Pinterest than a movie or show lol. I don't watch much tv unless I'm babysitting my nephews/neiece or with my man. Oh wow!! I bet that was nice having him home three days! :)

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

    3. I have never heard of Tyler wax... I have used some of the wax's from Walmart but they are worse than Scentsy. I mean they smell nice, some of them anyway... but they only last a couple hours. How does this Tyler wax melt? I know that Scentsy is supposed to be specially designed to melt correctly.

      What are your favorite scents?

      Oh yeah, Pinterest! I can spend hours on Pinterest & not even realize it. That happens quite often, especially now that I have Pinterest on my cell phone. Oi! I don't think I will ever get anything done. lol.

      Yeah, it was nice to have him home... but it was nice for him to go back too! lol.


    4. Oh yes WalMart stuff is crap. Tylers last a week or more. You're really supposed to put the wax in the melty thing turn it on. When you start to smell the scent turn off the thing and then it lasts a LOT longer that way.

      Favorite Scentsys? lol. I like most of them. I actually packed them up two days ago and can't really remember most of them. I LOVE the french kiss one. I remember that lol.

      I'm on Pinterest daily. I joined a group board of Christmas pins and now I'm not on there as much cuz it's pretty much taken over my feed and that stinks, but I'll live. I have plenty of other things I'm busy with right now.

      Haha!!! Totally know what you mean!!

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination, your too sweet!

  3. Thank you! Here's my link - I had done an entry a week or so ago and I appreciate your nomination as well. :)

    1. Haha. Sorry about that. I didn't even realize it. It seems like everyone either has too many followers or has already been nominated. :)


  4. Thank you! You made my whole day!!! Mine is up now

    1. You are very welcome. I am glad I made your day... I know it made mine when I was nominated. :)


  5. Thank you so much, Krystal! This is awesome!! I just posted mine today :-)


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