Monday, already! {GFC & BLT HOP!}

Alright, so I've missed a couple posts last week. That's alright, I still did a pretty decent job of keeping up if you compare it to my usual blogging practices. I've just been getting so side tracked by the enormous amount of Giveaways swirling around blog land. I'm pretty darn obsessed now! At first I was just humoring myself, I'll enter just for fun... But after winning the Fashionista Birthday Bash & The FedEx Sweeps, I got down to business on all the different types of giveaways & sweeps I can enter. True, I'm mostly just dreaming of being able to win all these neat gadgets & giftcards, but hey, there is nothing wrong with that! :)

So, I thought that maybe I would share a few of the giveaways I am currently following:

I'm following a ton more of these giveaways, but this was just to show you my valid excuse for not blogging EVERY day! :P If you are interested in seeing what other Giveaways I am currently entering, just follow me on Twitter as most of the giveaways are shared through Twitter at one point or another. :)

Also, If you head on over here, Mrs. Cubbison is giving away a grand prize of a $1500 shopping spree! You can enter every day, & you even have the chance of winning a $100 giftcard of your choice. :)

Did you hear that Walmart & Target are opening ON Thanksgiving day for their "Black Friday" sales? I think it's completely disgusting. I'm just counting my blessings that the Mister's schedule isn't too bad that week. He doesn't have to go in super early on Black Friday, which is a huge step up from last year. Last year he had to be in by 5am! Yuck! But still, that would even been a blessing if Home Depot were to jump on the early sale bandwagon & expect their employee's to show up at 9pm on Turkey day! *sigh* The "joys" of retail, eh?

Today's post is riding along on the Blog Love Therapy Blog Hop! Just click below to see who else is on board! :)


Today, I also decided to join the "I love my online friends GFC hop Monday" hosted by Tami at The Things We Find Inside. So, hello new followers! If you follow me, feel free to say hello & I'll head right over & follow you too! :)

The Things We Find Inside
Have you ever had a song that just completely fit in what you are going through at the moment? Lately Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw's "Bring On The Rain" has sure been hitting the spot! Things have been pretty hard recently, but I know that we can get through these things... so in the interest of keeping PLUS in this MINUS world, I am going to say... Bring it on! We might not be ready for it, but we WILL survive it!
Tomorrow's post will be the next installment of the 10 Day YOU Challenge! So make sure you check back tomorrow for number NINE, 9 loves! :)
Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm not too sure I did it right! haha! I am still so new at all of this. :)
      I was just about to stroll on over to your blog, I guess great minds think alike?


  2. What do you mean? The GFC Hop all you have to do is enter the blog URL your email and your blog name...and then add the button on your blog somewhere... :)

    Lol that's funny! Yes they sure do!!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  3. Well if that is all I had to do, then I guess I did it right! :)


    1. That's all you gotta do! :)

      I love blog hops because you can find so many good blogs and your blog gets more exposure to new readers each time you link up!

      Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


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