Sunday Social

Since I am terrible at this blogging deal without some sort of inspiration &/or deadline, I decided I would join in on Sunday Social which is hosted by Neely at A Complete Waste Of Makeup.

This weeks questions are:

What is currently on your wish list?
Share a new iPhone, iPad, Droid app you have discovered that we all need.
What is a new Fall TV Show you are looking forward to, or have added to your DVR?
Share your social media links for us to follow. Which is your favorite & why?
What is a TV show, Movie, or Song you could listen to or watch over & over & over & never get tired of it? {Feel free to name one of each.}

And my answers are:

My wish list currently only contains a few things, TONS of yarn & buttons for Crochet & a Kindle e-reader with an Amazon giftcard for a couple books. I could go on to say I would also like a new couch, an immersion blender, bakeware, new curtains & a nice set of wine glasses, but really I would be extremely happy with yarn & a Kindle.  :)

I don't use too many apps on my HTC EVO, but I do love GO Launcher & all the GO accessories, i.e. GO Contacts, GO Locker & GO SMS. The themes are absolutely adorable, especially the Peperico themes which are all based around this cute little fat penguin.

Being that we don't have Cable, my new Fall shows are actually old shows I am waiting for on Netflix. I am currently waiting for Dexter, Archer, Bob's Burgers, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Grey's Anatomy & The Vampire Diaries. Hurry up Netflix!

I am on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest. And, I am sure it would have to be a tie between Facebook {which I can keep in touch with my family out in California} & Pinterest {Because it is damned addicting! Haha.}

A TV show I could watch over & over again would have to be Friends. I own the entire series & I watch it all the time. I can't even tell you how many times I have watched each episode. Movie would be both The Nightmare Before Christmas & The Muppet Christmas Carol. I am in love with both of those movies. Love, Love, Love!!! Song, that one is more difficult. I guess I would have to say Gates of Dawn by Secret Garden. It is just so incredibly beautiful.

Next weeks questions are: All about Thanksgiving!

Favorite Thanksgiving Memory
Favorite Thanksgiving Food
What is a Thanksgiving Tradition you & your family have?
What are you most looking forward to about this Thanksgiving?

See you next week! :)

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