Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

Today I am linking up with Katherine over at Katherine's Corner for her Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Thursday's favorite things is where you can post either your favorite post, or write a blog about your  current favorites to share with your followers. So... lets go!
Thursday Favorite Things

A few of my current favorites:

  • The colors light & dark, grey & pink. I find that color scheme so cute that I can barely stand it!
  • The Kirkland brand Rice Crackers sold at Costco... I just can't get enough of them.
  • Saint Bernard Puppies, seriously, ever since we got Odin {even though he is only half}, I have been obsessed with them!
  • Orange Juice. I've been craving it so bad lately, that is all I want to drink!
  • My size F 3.75mm Crochet hook, it makes such a tight stitch, using the other sizes just seems wrong now! lol.
  • Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownies... do I really need to even explain this one? Best brownie mix, ever!
  • Groupon! Today is date night, well date afternoon & it is only made possible by Groupon's amazing deals. All you can eat Sushi for two, thanks to Groupon will cost us less than $30. :) Plus, we both got to see Nickelback in July for under $40. AND, I have received two years of Family Circle & a custom Photo Book for free! So, yes... me likey!
  • Scentsy's Oats & Honey wax bar, smells so yummy! I'm almost out, so I'll need to put in an order soon!
  • The new Mr. Clean bathroom cleanser, with febreeze... Uhm, yeah! It is so much better than all those chemical filled smelly cleansers.
  • Fuzzy socks. The only socks worth wearing. :)


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