Tuesday's 10 day YOU Challenge {10 Secrets}

First of all, I wanted to share that I actually won a giveaway! I couldn't be more excited about it. I won the Fashionista Bazaar's Birthday Bash Giveaway hosted by Kimberly over at A Night Owl Blog. I will be doing a whole blog on that once the prizes arrive in the mail, that way I can show you all the nifty new stuff I won. In the meantime I'm still entering daily for about twenty other giveaways, perhaps I will share a few of those with you later on as well... Or you can just follow my twitter! :)

So today's post is called the 10 Day YOU Challenge, for the obvious reasons. It's a post everyday, for ten days, about you! What a great way to get to know each other right? Since I am already late to the link game, I think instead of doing it for ten days in a row, I am going to break it up & do one every Tuesday. That way there is room in the week for other posts. So here we go...


Let's start with {10}

O N E }  I'm currently trying to stop biting my finger nails. I've done it ever since I was a kid & I am finding it quite difficult!

T W O } I am still very much afraid of the dark. Though, having a very bright cell phone with me, at all times helps a great deal.

T H R E E } I cry, a lot. With reason, without, no matter... I will still cry if I feel the need to.

F O U R } I love getting things for free {legitimately of course}. I really do! It gives me great joy in being able to say that an item cost me nothing.

F I V E } I am kinda a hoarder. No, not I'm not like the call up TLC & get on TV type. But I do like to buy in doubles when I can. I like my stash! lol.

S I X } I honestly don't believe I am talented. Especially when I see just how creative some of the people in this world are. People tell me I am one of them, but somehow, I just don't see it.

S E V E N } I miss High School. It's not really my friends, or my life at the time, but I miss the purpose of school work & tests. Strange thing is, I wasn't popular nor was I a geek. I just simply, was.

E I G H T } I hate laundry! Hate it! Well this might not really even be a secret. I don't think there is anyone who really enjoys folding endless piles of laundry. And if there is, you can come do mine! lol.

N I N E } I am addicted to technology, though I can never afford all the newest gadgets out there. I love my "sometimes smart" phone, blu-ray player, dslr & my laptop.

T E N } A part of me wants to rough it out in the woods, living side by side with nature. But the other part of me, the part of me who is afraid of the dark & who is strongly addicted to her electronics, knows that I probably wouldn't last a week. lol.

And that is today's 10 Day YOU Challenge! Next Tuesday we will pick up with {9 Loves}.


  1. Thanks for the follow. Returning the favor :)

  2. Ugh, I'm a nail biter too. I go through phases where I won't bite them for a few months and then once one breaks...it all goes down hill!

    Check out my YOU Challenge :)


    1. I am the same way! I was doing so well, then one of mine broke today... But, they still look better than they used to. I'm not damaging them as much anymore, since I know I CAN DO IT! lol.

      Heading over to your blog now. :)



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