Wedding Planning

So the Mister & I are finally starting to plan our wedding.  Geeze, took long enough right? I mean, we've been living together for almost four years & have been engaged for nearly two. We're practically married already! 

The main delay in our nuptials is finances. We had previously set a date of October 2013, but when hurricane Sandy graced us with her presence, she decided to pretty much maul our poor old roof. When we purchased our house in September 2010 we knew that the roof was nearing the end of it's life, but we hopped that it would hang on for a few more years. Alas, we had no such luck & now our tax money, which was meant to go towards our October wedding has now been shifted to a new roof.

But that's alright! Everything happens for a reason. We were originally planning to "elope", a planned elopement of course since Pennsylvania law still has the three day waiting period. I really hated the idea of getting married in our city's courthouse. Not that I am knocking a courthouse wedding. Some of them turn out really fantastic. But it's just not for me.

My family lives in California, which totally sucks! After thinking of a million ways to get them all out here for a wedding. I decided to keep it simple. My wedding "party" is less than 10 not including the Mister & myself. We viewed a beautiful Bed & Breakfast in central Pennsylvania & have now decided that we will be getting married there either the end of September or beginning of October next year. That gives not only us a chance to save up for the wedding, but it also gives my family a chance to save for their trip out here.

I plan on purchasing things for the wedding along the way, something here & there that way we aren't flooded with the entire cost of it all at once. Our plan is to pay for everything in cash, using no credit cards. Our budgeting will have to be fairly strict for the next year, but I know we can do it. The Bed & Breakfast where we will be having the wedding ceremony has a very amazing package which includes the officiant, the cake, the flowers, the music, our wedding dinner with guests & a night stay in their beautiful farm house with breakfast in the morning. Not only is it the most affordable wedding package I have found, but they are pet friendly, so Odin will be able to be with us as well. Which totally saves on kennel costs!

So far, our theme for our intimate little wedding is going to be peacock with the colors deep purple & royal blue. Pinterest & Etsy are not helping me as far as keeping this ceremony simple. However, I am holding strong & not going super crazy. Fortunately a lot of what I am falling in love with on Etsy, I should be able to make myself being that I am fairly artsy fartsy. Plus, I don't have to worry about making my bouquet or finding a cake, as it's part of the ceremony package & the owner of the bed & breakfast will be working with me on that. :) To follow along with my wedding ideas on Pinterest, click here!

So, this is just the beginning... I'm sure I will update this as things progress. :)

Weigh In Wednesday!

So this week I slipped up a bit. I went nearly the entire day without eating yesterday & made a poor, but delicious, decision for dinner last night. We had pizza & I ate way more than I should have... but hey, it happens. :)

We need to go shopping. I'm really needing my fill of spinach. It is amazing in salad. Yum! Speaking of yummy green leaves... Have you seen the article that Yahoo published this morning? A government study saying that Leafy Greens are the top cause of food poising? Say what? It's not McDonald's McMix that's bad for you, but Spinach? Shut the front door! There is no way I am going to believe that bull!

So, I was originally going to do only bi-weekly weigh ins, but oh my goodness, it's too hard to stay off of my scale. They say that you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday, but I tend to do it only because I pass my scale on the way to my kitchen... Lemme tell you, it's kept me from going into the kitchen a few times. Why? Because I see the number & it makes me question myself. Am I really hungry, or am I just bored? More times than not... I'm usually bored. So I turn myself around & find something else to keep me occupied... like, well I don't know... crocheting! ♥

Anyway... I now decided I will do a weigh in update every Wednesday. And, along with my Wednesday post, I am going to keep track of all the weigh ins, here. That way I can keep track. :)

Despite a few slip ups this week, I think I did fairly well. I am down another four pounds. :) That is a total of ten pounds in less than twenty days. :) Averaging about a half pound a day. Honestly, that's just with changing my diet, I still have yet to find the motivation to dust off my copy of 30 Day Shred. I think it has something to do with the weather. When it's below freezing outside, all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch with my buddy Netflix. I'm going to work on that though!

One step at a time! :)

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Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday's 10 Day YOU Challenge {5 foods}


Mmm, food. I love food... though I am not supposed to. I'm trying to fix that! But, it doesn't hurt to talk about it. I mean, talking about food doesn't add calories... yet! lol.

So, five foods...

Number 5 - Chocolate.
Okay, really... what lady in her right mind doesn't like chocolate? I do have to admit, I am a little picky about the chocolate I eat. I do not like dark nor white chocolate. It's milk or nothing people! 
Number 4 - Granny Smith Apples.
Now look, you thought this list was going to be full of foods that are really bad for you. Full of calories or highly processed. True, I do like a good bag of potato chips, but I LOVE the crisp tart taste of a Granny Smith Apple. Lately, they are a staple in my house & I can't get enough of them.
Number 3 - Broccoli.
Hi, my name is Krys & I actually love broccoli. Costco has the BEST broccoli. I toss it in a pan with a tiny bit of water & steam it. Oh, yum! I just don't understand why people hate on this delicious & healthy vegetable so much. At least it's not lima beans... yuck!
Number 2 - Bean & Cheese Burritos.

Alright, so this one is a huge downfall of mine. I could probably eat this every day for the rest of my life. Especially if it's from a really fantastic Mexican restaurant, or even Del Taco... Man, I miss Del Taco. They really should expand to the east coast.
Number 1 - Sushi!
I love, love, LOVE, Sushi! It's really one of the most amazing things I have ever eaten. Topped with a slice of ginger & a dab of wasabi, it's just a little piece of heaven now isn't it? And as long as you stay away from a lot of the fried ones, it's not too bad for you either, aside from your wallet. lol.

Motivation Monday

found via Pinterest.
Short, simple, & straight to the point. Today is a new day & you already know that worrying about yesterday will only steal your tomorrow. So, take everything one NEW day at a time. :)
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Sunday Social

Sunday Social

We're getting deep for this week's Sunday social. Once again I am teaming up with Neely from A Complete Waste Of Makeup, for Sunday Social!

  1. What is your ideal way to relax?
    I enjoy curling up on the couch & watching television while I work on my current crochet project. In the summer I enjoy swimming. I love to sink down in a hot bubble bath, but we currently only have a stand up shower. Ick!
  2. Where is your favorite place to be?
    Honestly at home. I am a complete homebody. Other than that, I love being in the passengers seat in the car, destination unknown. Just going where the road takes you.
  3. Who do you consider your biggest role model?
    I don't believe I currently have a "role model". I tend to live my life as an individual fully knowing that there is no such thing as a perfect person. Instead of following others, I tend to follow the person who I hope to become.
  4. What does your life look like in 3 years? 
    Hopefully married, with a new addition to our family. That would be my ultimate wish to have in three years.
  5. If you could go back and change one decision what would it be?
    I'd like to say I'd change the side I ended up on during my parents divorce when I was twelve. However, I strongly believe that we are where we are supposed to be for a reason. And changing one thing, might throw everything off course.
  6. What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
    Overcoming some of the person issues that have weighed me down since I was a child. Becoming a much stronger person & knowing that the abuse I went through was not my fault. Knowing that many people have struggled with similar problems & that it's up to me if I want to remain the victim or not.

Want to be a guest blogger?

Hey you, yeah you reading this post! Do you have something that you want to share here on Keeping Plus? If you do? Fantastic!

I'm looking to add a few guest bloggers into next months posts. Posts can be about anything really. Recipes, crafts, scrapbooking, photography, motivational, weight loss goals, weddings, babies, giveaways, budgeting... the topics are endless!

All you have to do is email me, sweetiememoirs{at}gmail{dot}com , & we can set it all up!

Hope to hear from you!

P.S. I'm thinking of doing a joint giveaway when I reach 50 readers. If you would like to be included in the giveaway, please send me a note & let me know! :)

Friday's Letters

Dear Mister: I am sorry that the winter blues have got you down lately. I hate that you have been so moody & that we've been fighting so much. You get this way every winter & sadly there is nothing I can do to fix it. Pull it together before everything falls apart. It's just winter, it's a fact of life & moping around isn't going to change anything.

Dear UGI: Parking on our street is already a pain & you have been making it worse for the past two months. Why have you decided to work on our gas lines this week? It's the coldest it has been all year & you want to turn off our gas. Not cool dude.

Dear Walmart: We tend to pay you at least $200 a month. Why are you always out of everything we need? Also, you could really use a bigger & better organized yarn section. I was only able to buy one skein of yarn the other day since I couldn't even find where it's "home" was, to look for another one. Tsk Tsk.

Dear Budget: We've just started out, but I am happy to say that we are actually making it work. Hopefully in a few months, dear savings account, will have a slight buffer. Which will be a nice change from living paycheck to paycheck.

Dear Scale: You rock! You told me on Wednesday, our two week weigh in, that I have lost a little over seven pounds. *High five*! We got this!

Dear Winter: You know... we're kinda done with the below freezing temperatures. How about you turn up the heat a bit? Thanks.

The Facts of Krys

Today I am linking up with Whitney over at, for her one time only link up called "The Facts of Me". I'm pretty terrible about coming up with random facts about myself without seeming like a total dork, but I decided it's worth a shot.
So here goes nothing! 
  • If I could change anything about myself {appearance wise} I would make myself a TRUE Ginger. Heck, I already have pale skin & freckles! I feel like I was kind of cheated in the hair color department.
  • I start spring cleaning before February... wishful thinking or cabin fever? I have no idea. What I do know is that I start to get antsy & feel that everything in the house needs to square dance around the room a few times.
  • I don't drink nearly as much water as I should. Though, I have been averaging between 60oz & 80oz a day, for the past two weeks.
  • I already have a house picked out for when the Mister & I win the lottery (that we never play). Not sure how that one is going to work. lol.
  • I have a not so secret love affair with accents.
  • My Mister & I have a twenty-two year age gap. It sounds a heck of a lot worse than it is.
  • I feel the need to spell out all numbers when writing a sentence, yet I almost always use the "&" symbol. I also spell out the word "okay".
  • My text messages are mostly two to three texts long, due to the fact I use proper grammar, spelling, & punctuation.
  • I dislike hate when people leave cupboards open or don't push in their chairs.
  • I hold doors open for people & usually end up waiting for everyone to go through, since no one else knows how to switch the door holding responsibilities. lol.
  • I rarely drink alcohol, if I do it's a mixed drink or wine & it's in a social environment. I do not drink to get drunk, I drink because I like what I am drinking.
  • I love broccoli, asparagus, & brussel sprouts.
  • I have big feet & I hate it, they didn't stop growing until last year (age 23). They are now a whopping size 12 in womens, 10 1/2 in mens. My sneakers are mens sneakers, it's just easier that way.
  • I LOVE flip-flops! I can always find my size. When I lived in Southern California, I wore them year round. Now that I am in Pennsylvania, I can't really do that anymore. lol.
  • Del Scorcho hot sauce from Del Taco is my absolute FAVORITE hot sauce & I have even considered buying it in bulk since I no longer live where Del Taco's are established.
  • I want to open up my own Etsy store for my crocheted items. However, I don't feel like I am good enough yet. 
So those are my fun facts... what are yours?

Tuesday's 10 Day YOU Challenge {6 Places}


Wow, I've really slacked off on these posts so with no further ado... Six places that are on my bucket list to visit.

Number 6 - Niagara Falls, NY.

via Matt Roginski Photography.
Growing up on the west coast, California to be exact, I have always wanted to see the magnificence of Niagara Falls. Now that I live in Pennsylvania, I am hoping that that dream may be closer to becoming a reality someday. :)
Number 5 - Yellow Stone National Park, WY.

via Kim Yoeung Seng.
This picture should pretty much cover why I would want to see Yellow Stone.
Number 4 - Cherry Springs State Park, PA.

via Flickr.
This one is probably the most do-able out of all my places. This one isn't that far from me, though it is still a pretty big hike. Cherry Springs State Park is a place that has been named as one of the best stargazing spots in America. You can camp out in some sections, & certain parts no lights are permitted so that one can take on the entire darkness & majesty of the night sky. This, is something I WILL do in the future with my Mister. :)
Number 3 - Denali National Park, AK.

via Hicker Photography.
I have always wanted to visit Alaska. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I hate the cold, yet, for some reason the beauty of this would be totally worth the teeth chatter. I'm amazed by Alaska's beauty, & I hope one day to see it in person... behind my own camera lens.
Number 2 - Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia.

via Flickr.
Okay, so I never really had a fascination with Australia. My Mister is big on the idea of winning the lotto & moving there. I on the other hand don't think I can handle all the spiders, bugs & creatures living there. However, this beach looks incredible. It's is uninhabited & can only be reached by boat. I'm sure my Mister & I would be tempted to sneak away & live on the beach away from all civilization. lol.
Number 1 - Ireland.

via TrekEarth.
It's freaking IRELAND! Who wouldn't want to visit this beautiful place? I am obsessed & though this is something that might, barring the said lotto winning, never happen, I can still dream. 
I guess you can tell that I am a nature girl more than anything. A lot of these posts have big cities with lots of buildings & different foods to try, which is awesome too... but I more than anything want to see this view with my own eyes. Simply stunning!

(p.s. all pictures in this post are not mine, nor am I taking credit for them. All credit is given to the rightful owners of said images. Links to the originals are found under each photo.)

Motivation Monday & PCOS.

found via Pinterest.
In July of 2012, I was diagnosed with PCOS. This came as really no shock to me thanks to my obsession love for Google & WebMD. It was however hard to know that I officially have it & that it will make my journey to become a mommy a bit more difficult.

For those of you who don't know, PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It is a condition that affects nearly 5 million women in the United States. It is an imbalance of female sex hormones that can lead to menstrual cycle changes, cysts in the ovaries, & difficulty getting pregnant.

The cause of PCOS is unknown, many believe it is due to genetics. However there are many studies that link insulin levels & PCOS. Insulin is a hormone that controls the change of sugars, starches, & other foods into energy for the body to use or store. Women with PCOS have too much insulin in their bodies because their bodies have problems burning it. Excess insulin appears to increase production of androgen, which leads to acne, excessive hair growth, weight gain & again, problems with ovulation.

{If you would like to read more about the symptoms of PCOS, Click here.}

The reason for today's Motivation Monday picture is due to the diet changes that women with PCOS must take to be able to control their insulin levels, in hopes of being able to ovulate normally. To do this Women with PCOS must limit processed foods & foods with added sugars. They must also add more whole-grain products, fruits, vegetables & lean meats to their diet. Doing this helps to lower their blood glucose levels, improves their body's use of insulin & normalize the hormone levels in their body. Studies show that even a 10 percent loss in body weight can restore your menstrual cycles & even make you cycle on a more regular basis.
{For more information on how to treat PCOS, Click here.}

So that is where I am at. 10 percent loss for me would be 29 pounds. But I am not going to stop there. I want to be a healthier me, not just a "getting by" me.

For now, I'm going to eat less sugar, since I know, I am already sweet enough! :)
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Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! 
I know I am! My mister has the next three days off, so we are just starting our weekend. :)
So let's get on with this week's questions shall we?
This week is a week of threes!
  1. Top three favorite kinds of food.

    Number one would have to be Sushi! I absolutely love it & honestly wish I could afford to eat it more often. The Red Dragon Roll at my local Sushi restaurant is to die for. I am entirely too in love with it.

    Coming in second would be Mexican food. I grew up in Southern California, I am a Mexican food addict through & through. I honestly thing that is one of the hardest things about moving to the east coast. The people out here thing Taco Bell is real Mexican food. Yike! lol.

    Third would have to be Chinese. Vegetable Lo Mein & Beef with Broccoli. So yummy! Luckily we have some pretty good Chinese food here on the east coast. So, I'm surviving. lol.
  2. First three things you do in the morning.

    First three things, well... I get dressed, go to the restroom, & come down stairs to give my Mister a good morning kiss. :)
  3. Last three things you do at night.
    Let Odin out potty, take my medicine, & go to the restroom.
  4. Three television shows you NEVER miss.

    Well I kind of miss them all since I don't have cable, we only have Netflix. But there are a few shows that I watch the entire season of in like three days, as soon as they are released on Netflix. Warehouse 13, Vampire Diaries, GREY'S 'FREAKIN' ANATOMY! Gosh, I love that show. ♥
  5. Three places you want to visit.

    Currently, I want to visit my family in California. I want to fly to Las Vegas with my Mister & get hitched. Oh, and I would also like to see the Grand Canyon, since I have not been there since I was an itty bitty.
  6. Three people you can always count on.

    You know, you can always count on yourself. That's what they always say anyway. Either way, three people other than me I know I can always count on. My Mister, my Dad, & my Grandma.

Trying something new... Spaghetti Squash.

While shopping for some healthy, more nutritious foods to fill my house with. I decided I would pick up a Spaghetti Squash. I've never had Spaghetti Squash, but I've seen millions {well maybe not millions, but a lot} of recipes being posted on Pinterest. I read that this is a perfect substitute for pasta. Good for you & low carbs, awesome! I thought.

So I went through the produce section, looking for this foreign squash. I, had always assumed, that Spaghetti Squash was a nickname for Butternut Squash. So that is indeed what I picked up to put into the cart. Ha, luckily my Mister was with me to tell me that the two squashes are not the same, otherwise dinner last night would have been rather funky.

So, after Googling for a while on how to cook the Squash. I came to that conclusion that Google is awesome, except when there are a million & one ways to do this & no one can really agree on which way is best. So, I went with the first article I found.

I cut the squash in half before cooking it. This, would have been a breeze if my knives weren't so crappy. lol. One third of the way through & my knife decided it was going to stay right where it was at. Fortunately, I am more stubborn than my knife & I wiggled it out & forced it to finish it's job. Hooray! The hard part is over. I thought.

I scooped the seeds out & thought for a millisecond about cleaning them to bake later. But as soon as the sticky stringy goop was between my fingers, I decided against it. There weren't that many anyway, so I didn't feel too bad about throwing them out.

I placed the squash cut side up on a baking sheet. I brushed on a bit of extra virgin olive oil & sprinkled it with a little garlic powder & into the 375° oven for 40 minutes.

40 minutes later I pulled it out of the oven & took a fork to it to see if the strands pull out easily. Which they did. Being that this was my first experience with Spaghetti Squash, I had no real comparison as to how it's supposed to look, taste, or feel.

I put a couple cups of Kirkland Marinara {the BEST Marinara I have ever had} into a sauce pan to heat. I took the fork to the squash, pulling out all the spaghetti looking strands. Something wasn't quite right though. It seemed to crunchy. So I threw them into a frying pan to cook a little longer. 5 minutes later, they were a little softer, but not by much. So that is when I figured it's just meant to be crunchy.

I served it with the marinara, fresh parsley & parmesan cheese. It was good, it had a great taste... however, I will be cooking it a little bit longer next time in hopes of it softening a bit more.

Have you ever had Spaghetti Squash? How did you make it?

Friday's Letters

I figured it is time that I do a Friday's Letters post since I have yet to do one & I have seen them around on nearly every blog I follow. So here we go...

Dear Saturday: I can't wait any longer for you to arrive. Don't you know that the Mister gets off work earlier tomorrow night & once he is home he'll be home from work for three days? Rude. Hurry up, please!

Dear Mister: Thank you for putting up with my needy state as of late. Though I am not the most girly person, thank you for understanding that I am indeed still a lady with lady needs. I've really missed you this week & I hate it when you have to close at work. I hardly get to see you. I am really looking forward the long weekend coming up. xox

Dear Odin: You crazy dog you. How in the world did you manage to get ring worm? Gross. Luckily your Daddy has been taking care of it & we'll make it all better soon. Thank you for being such a good dog. You are truly one of a kind & I get such great joy in seeing how many people fall in love with you at first sight. We love you like mad.

Dear Netflix: Please add the next season of Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Switched At Birth, How I Met Your Mother, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Supernatural & all the other shows I am waiting for.

Dear Winter: I appreciate the fact you set the perfect mood for Christmas. However, your services are no longer needed. Please escort yourself out of Pennsylvania & make way for spring. Thanks.

Dear Sun: We miss you... please come out soon!

Just the beginning.

So, the baby bug has officially bitten me. I can't think of anything else {well aside from being officially hitched to the Mister}. In reality our relationship is so close to marriage that all we are missing is the tax break, rings & legality of it all. In March we will have been engaged for two years. In April we will celebrate our four year anniversary. Like all couples, we have our ups & downs. But one thing that has never changed is the love that we have for each other.

I know I am ready to take the next step & become not only his wife, but the mother of his child. I'm ready to start a family & build memories that will last a lifetime. We've finally decided that we will start trying to conceive next year after getting married sometime in June. The reason why we are making 2014 our year, is our health. My health to be honest. I'm much too overweight to even consider getting pregnant. Instead of being impulsive, I am going to do the best thing I can for our future child. I am going to lose the weight needed to be able to have a healthy pregnancy.

It's going to be a tough journey. I have nearly a hundred pounds to lose to be at the highest point of my doctor's recommended weight range. But, I know that I can do it with the support of my family, my friends, & most of all, my Mister. All we can do is remain taking one step at a time with not only our goal but our future in mind. 

I normally don't write about a lot of personal subjects. But, in all honesty, isn't that what a blog is truly for? A place to talk about your life, your struggles, your achievements. I am strongly hoping that I am able to find an online support system that will keep me on the right track whenever I am feel like trailing off & giving up. I know that they are out there... I've seen the amazing blogs full of supporting readers who leave encouraging words for the blogger in whatever their situation might be. That, I believe, is that real reason why bloggers exists. 

Thank you for reading. For being a listening ear to my story. A story that is hopefully, just beginning.


Hello Blogland. It's Wednesday!

My Doctors appointment went well. Between Thursday of last week & Monday of this week {four days}, I have lost one pound. At first I was a little disappointed by just how little one pound is... BUT then I realized, HEY! That is one pound LOST! Not gained. You have to start somewhere & this is just the beginning anyway. I'm sure once I add some exercise into the mix, things will start speeding up!

I started my granny stripe blanket a few days ago. It's going to be a big one, so I am sure it's going to take a while. As soon as it starts actually looking like something, I will take a picture. lol. But so far, it looks like it is going to be really cute. I'm making it long enough to extend about the length of a double/queen size bed. Biggest project ever! :)

Speaking of crochet, I am totally excited! This morning I awoke to an email that said I won the Giveaway for this awesome book of Baby Crochet patterns. I can not wait for it to arrive! If you are interested in entering to win the same book, they are having a second giveaway. Click here to enter! :)

So lets end this blog with some currents...


It is absolutely cold, grey, wet & miserable outside.
I am watching Greek on Netflix {I LOVE being able to catch up on Television shows on Netflix!}.
I am looking forward to Saturday's stay in date night with the Mister. Horror Movies + Pizza + The Mister = ♥.
I am also looking forward to Sunday afternoon with the Noland Clan {The Mister's Family}.
I am using double crochet in my project.
The house is actually clean!
I am missing my Dad & California... the winter really sucks for me when I am so far away from "home".
Wishing for spring... I am so ready for the sun to come out!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Alright winter, that's enough...

The new year is here. The Christmas tree & it's fellow decorations have been put away well over a week ago & I am sitting here thinking of the warm spring sunshine. Anyone else get the same way? For some reason, as soon as Christmas is over my mind switches right over to spring. So much so, that this chilly & wet weather we have been having here in Pennsylvania is getting under my skin. Is it so much to ask for a little sunshine?

Since I can't rush the seasons, I am bringing spring into my crochet projects. For Christmas the mister took me to Michael's & I picked out quite a few beautiful colors for my next project. One project, which has already been finished is a gift for my Niece to be for her birthday. It's a double yarn, double crochet granny square lapghan. Since during Christmas she told me her favorite color is blue. I found this color called Turaqua... I LOVE it! I actually hope to go back & buy some for me now! The picture doesn't quite show the awesomeness of the color itself. But it's a perfect shade between Turquoise & Aqua. I did the double crochet using two yarn strands, one of the Turaqua & one white. :)

I've had a hard time deciding what my new project will be. I already have the colors. A set of pastel colors blue, purple & yellow along with white. At first I wanted to make a granny square blanket & patch it together, sadly... my ADD is not letting me continue on with the squares. The few I have made are absolutely adorable & I am sure I will use them for something, but not for an entire blanket. So, my next thought is a Granny Stripe Afghan. I'm sure I will keep you all updated on what happens there. lol.

Today is day four of my Vegetarian journey & I am honestly not doing too bad. I actually feel better, I have not had heartburn since day one. Hooray! Tonight's dinner is a Vegetable Barley Stew. As it sits in my crockpot it smells AMAZING. I didn't quite find the recipe I wanted online, so I just decided to go with my gut & throw in what sounded good... The soup has golden potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, red bell pepper, fresh garlic, yellow corn, parsley, diced tomatoes & barley. Can't wait to try it & see how I did. :)

Doctors appointment tomorrow. I'm wondering if I have lost any weight since Thursday. I sure hope so! Anyway, life goes on either way. I know that sometimes it takes a while for your metabolism to kick in. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

P.S. I've been thinking about doing a Crocheted Item Giveaway... not sure yet. But I would like to before the end of this year. Hmm, I guess that can be one of my goals for 2013. Perhaps if I hit 50 followers. ;)

I'm still alive!

Yes, indeed! I have not fallen off the face of the planet, even though it might seem like it! I, in all honesty, just lost all motivation whatsoever, that had to do with the internet. Aside from pinning a few things on Pinterest & scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I just have not been interested. I guess, it could mostly be the amount of negativity that was circling the internet since the Newtown tragedy.

BUT! I am back & hopefully I won't leave you guys again for such a long time.

So, today I tried something new. I have decided to try a mainly vegetarian diet for the next 30 days. I'm hoping it will jump start some healthier eating habits. At the doctor yesterday, I found out that I am at my highest weight I have ever been. Not good! Ugh, the holidays are just not nice to me. In reality I have a good hundred pounds to lose, but you have to start somewhere right? So, this is me taking the first step. Today I had some delicious Edamame for lunch. Costco now sells single serving pouches that can be heated by steaming them in the microwave. Genius & oh so yummy!

Anyway, just thought I would drop by & say, I'm not dead! haha!
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