Hello Blogland. It's Wednesday!

My Doctors appointment went well. Between Thursday of last week & Monday of this week {four days}, I have lost one pound. At first I was a little disappointed by just how little one pound is... BUT then I realized, HEY! That is one pound LOST! Not gained. You have to start somewhere & this is just the beginning anyway. I'm sure once I add some exercise into the mix, things will start speeding up!

I started my granny stripe blanket a few days ago. It's going to be a big one, so I am sure it's going to take a while. As soon as it starts actually looking like something, I will take a picture. lol. But so far, it looks like it is going to be really cute. I'm making it long enough to extend about the length of a double/queen size bed. Biggest project ever! :)

Speaking of crochet, I am totally excited! This morning I awoke to an email that said I won the Giveaway for this awesome book of Baby Crochet patterns. I can not wait for it to arrive! If you are interested in entering to win the same book, they are having a second giveaway. Click here to enter! :)

So lets end this blog with some currents...


It is absolutely cold, grey, wet & miserable outside.
I am watching Greek on Netflix {I LOVE being able to catch up on Television shows on Netflix!}.
I am looking forward to Saturday's stay in date night with the Mister. Horror Movies + Pizza + The Mister = ♥.
I am also looking forward to Sunday afternoon with the Noland Clan {The Mister's Family}.
I am using double crochet in my project.
The house is actually clean!
I am missing my Dad & California... the winter really sucks for me when I am so far away from "home".
Wishing for spring... I am so ready for the sun to come out!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

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