Friday's Letters

I figured it is time that I do a Friday's Letters post since I have yet to do one & I have seen them around on nearly every blog I follow. So here we go...

Dear Saturday: I can't wait any longer for you to arrive. Don't you know that the Mister gets off work earlier tomorrow night & once he is home he'll be home from work for three days? Rude. Hurry up, please!

Dear Mister: Thank you for putting up with my needy state as of late. Though I am not the most girly person, thank you for understanding that I am indeed still a lady with lady needs. I've really missed you this week & I hate it when you have to close at work. I hardly get to see you. I am really looking forward the long weekend coming up. xox

Dear Odin: You crazy dog you. How in the world did you manage to get ring worm? Gross. Luckily your Daddy has been taking care of it & we'll make it all better soon. Thank you for being such a good dog. You are truly one of a kind & I get such great joy in seeing how many people fall in love with you at first sight. We love you like mad.

Dear Netflix: Please add the next season of Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Switched At Birth, How I Met Your Mother, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Supernatural & all the other shows I am waiting for.

Dear Winter: I appreciate the fact you set the perfect mood for Christmas. However, your services are no longer needed. Please escort yourself out of Pennsylvania & make way for spring. Thanks.

Dear Sun: We miss you... please come out soon!

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