The Facts of Krys

Today I am linking up with Whitney over at, for her one time only link up called "The Facts of Me". I'm pretty terrible about coming up with random facts about myself without seeming like a total dork, but I decided it's worth a shot.
So here goes nothing! 
  • If I could change anything about myself {appearance wise} I would make myself a TRUE Ginger. Heck, I already have pale skin & freckles! I feel like I was kind of cheated in the hair color department.
  • I start spring cleaning before February... wishful thinking or cabin fever? I have no idea. What I do know is that I start to get antsy & feel that everything in the house needs to square dance around the room a few times.
  • I don't drink nearly as much water as I should. Though, I have been averaging between 60oz & 80oz a day, for the past two weeks.
  • I already have a house picked out for when the Mister & I win the lottery (that we never play). Not sure how that one is going to work. lol.
  • I have a not so secret love affair with accents.
  • My Mister & I have a twenty-two year age gap. It sounds a heck of a lot worse than it is.
  • I feel the need to spell out all numbers when writing a sentence, yet I almost always use the "&" symbol. I also spell out the word "okay".
  • My text messages are mostly two to three texts long, due to the fact I use proper grammar, spelling, & punctuation.
  • I dislike hate when people leave cupboards open or don't push in their chairs.
  • I hold doors open for people & usually end up waiting for everyone to go through, since no one else knows how to switch the door holding responsibilities. lol.
  • I rarely drink alcohol, if I do it's a mixed drink or wine & it's in a social environment. I do not drink to get drunk, I drink because I like what I am drinking.
  • I love broccoli, asparagus, & brussel sprouts.
  • I have big feet & I hate it, they didn't stop growing until last year (age 23). They are now a whopping size 12 in womens, 10 1/2 in mens. My sneakers are mens sneakers, it's just easier that way.
  • I LOVE flip-flops! I can always find my size. When I lived in Southern California, I wore them year round. Now that I am in Pennsylvania, I can't really do that anymore. lol.
  • Del Scorcho hot sauce from Del Taco is my absolute FAVORITE hot sauce & I have even considered buying it in bulk since I no longer live where Del Taco's are established.
  • I want to open up my own Etsy store for my crocheted items. However, I don't feel like I am good enough yet. 
So those are my fun facts... what are yours?


  1. Asparagus, brussel sprouts, and broccoli are my favourite vegetables too! Most people think I'm completely nuts.

    P.S. I love your blog, will definitely be back! :)

    1. Thank you so much! I know right!?! When I tell people that I actually love vegetables, people look at me like I just killed their dog. I seriously don't understand why they are hated on so much.

  2. I love flip flops and wish I could wear them year round too!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Ah. To live in a place where the sun is always shining would be heaven. I currently have two pairs of socks on & my feet are STILL cold. I guess that is what happens when it's only 15° outside. Haha.

  3. Hi! New follower from the linkup. Loving your blog & can't wait to read more :) Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much for following! :) I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

    2. I <3 asparagus, I just wish it didn't make my pee stink! And it only takes a few pieces. *sigh*

  4. hi! I'm a new follower from the link up :) I'm also blogging about my weight y and I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for following. I followed your blog as well! It's so great to see that I am not the only one putting it out there & showing those pounds whose boss!



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