Tuesday's 10 Day YOU Challenge {6 Places}


Wow, I've really slacked off on these posts so with no further ado... Six places that are on my bucket list to visit.

Number 6 - Niagara Falls, NY.

via Matt Roginski Photography.
Growing up on the west coast, California to be exact, I have always wanted to see the magnificence of Niagara Falls. Now that I live in Pennsylvania, I am hoping that that dream may be closer to becoming a reality someday. :)
Number 5 - Yellow Stone National Park, WY.

via Kim Yoeung Seng.
This picture should pretty much cover why I would want to see Yellow Stone.
Number 4 - Cherry Springs State Park, PA.

via Flickr.
This one is probably the most do-able out of all my places. This one isn't that far from me, though it is still a pretty big hike. Cherry Springs State Park is a place that has been named as one of the best stargazing spots in America. You can camp out in some sections, & certain parts no lights are permitted so that one can take on the entire darkness & majesty of the night sky. This, is something I WILL do in the future with my Mister. :)
Number 3 - Denali National Park, AK.

via Hicker Photography.
I have always wanted to visit Alaska. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I hate the cold, yet, for some reason the beauty of this would be totally worth the teeth chatter. I'm amazed by Alaska's beauty, & I hope one day to see it in person... behind my own camera lens.
Number 2 - Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia.

via Flickr.
Okay, so I never really had a fascination with Australia. My Mister is big on the idea of winning the lotto & moving there. I on the other hand don't think I can handle all the spiders, bugs & creatures living there. However, this beach looks incredible. It's is uninhabited & can only be reached by boat. I'm sure my Mister & I would be tempted to sneak away & live on the beach away from all civilization. lol.
Number 1 - Ireland.

via TrekEarth.
It's freaking IRELAND! Who wouldn't want to visit this beautiful place? I am obsessed & though this is something that might, barring the said lotto winning, never happen, I can still dream. 
I guess you can tell that I am a nature girl more than anything. A lot of these posts have big cities with lots of buildings & different foods to try, which is awesome too... but I more than anything want to see this view with my own eyes. Simply stunning!

(p.s. all pictures in this post are not mine, nor am I taking credit for them. All credit is given to the rightful owners of said images. Links to the originals are found under each photo.)


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