Wedding Planning

So the Mister & I are finally starting to plan our wedding.  Geeze, took long enough right? I mean, we've been living together for almost four years & have been engaged for nearly two. We're practically married already! 

The main delay in our nuptials is finances. We had previously set a date of October 2013, but when hurricane Sandy graced us with her presence, she decided to pretty much maul our poor old roof. When we purchased our house in September 2010 we knew that the roof was nearing the end of it's life, but we hopped that it would hang on for a few more years. Alas, we had no such luck & now our tax money, which was meant to go towards our October wedding has now been shifted to a new roof.

But that's alright! Everything happens for a reason. We were originally planning to "elope", a planned elopement of course since Pennsylvania law still has the three day waiting period. I really hated the idea of getting married in our city's courthouse. Not that I am knocking a courthouse wedding. Some of them turn out really fantastic. But it's just not for me.

My family lives in California, which totally sucks! After thinking of a million ways to get them all out here for a wedding. I decided to keep it simple. My wedding "party" is less than 10 not including the Mister & myself. We viewed a beautiful Bed & Breakfast in central Pennsylvania & have now decided that we will be getting married there either the end of September or beginning of October next year. That gives not only us a chance to save up for the wedding, but it also gives my family a chance to save for their trip out here.

I plan on purchasing things for the wedding along the way, something here & there that way we aren't flooded with the entire cost of it all at once. Our plan is to pay for everything in cash, using no credit cards. Our budgeting will have to be fairly strict for the next year, but I know we can do it. The Bed & Breakfast where we will be having the wedding ceremony has a very amazing package which includes the officiant, the cake, the flowers, the music, our wedding dinner with guests & a night stay in their beautiful farm house with breakfast in the morning. Not only is it the most affordable wedding package I have found, but they are pet friendly, so Odin will be able to be with us as well. Which totally saves on kennel costs!

So far, our theme for our intimate little wedding is going to be peacock with the colors deep purple & royal blue. Pinterest & Etsy are not helping me as far as keeping this ceremony simple. However, I am holding strong & not going super crazy. Fortunately a lot of what I am falling in love with on Etsy, I should be able to make myself being that I am fairly artsy fartsy. Plus, I don't have to worry about making my bouquet or finding a cake, as it's part of the ceremony package & the owner of the bed & breakfast will be working with me on that. :) To follow along with my wedding ideas on Pinterest, click here!

So, this is just the beginning... I'm sure I will update this as things progress. :)


  1. Glad to visit today. Good luck to you. Linda

  2. I'm so excited for you! So when you mean "next year," you mean Octoberish 2014, right? Our tentative wedding date is set for 01/25/13, and I'm just gearing up on the wedding planning. It will be a decent sized ceremony in the amount of people invited, but it will be really modest in the amount of money spent on it. Those colors sound lovely. :) Our colors are dark brown and sky blue with hot pink accents. Funny, I was actually going to write a wedding post today, as well. Though I know you wrote this yesterday. If you get skilled with hand crafting wedding stuff, maybe I can get you to make me something for the wedding (paid of course :P ).

    1. Yes, October 2014. :) We are thinking like the first week. We will have an exact date as soon as we save up enough money for the deposit. Probably around May we will have our date set in stone. Budgeting is so very hard for me, especially when prices keep going up.

      Do you mean 2014 as well? Since 1/25/13 as already passed. lol. Our wedding isn't really going to cost to much, we are budgeting for under $1,500 total. I already bought my shoes. LOL!

      I would love to make you something for your wedding. :) <3

    2. lol, I mean 2014, as well. I keep saying 2013 and confusing everyone.


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