Friday's Letters


Dear Groundhog, 
I hope you are right this year, even though the whole idea of a rodent predicting the weather is lunacy. I very much need some sunshine & warmth coming my way. This California girl is getting more & more homesick with each below freezing day. I find it very difficult to get motivated when it's so warm under the blankets & so cold outside.

Dear Mr. B, 
I'm so very proud of you this week. You have been so bummed out by winter lately yet you are trying to not be such a downer when we are together. I appreciate the fact that you know how down I get when you aren't in the best of moods. I'm so looking forward to our date night coming up on Valentine's day. It's our very first Valentine's day in four years that you don't have to work. I'm so excited, even if it is just a commercial holiday exploiting love. ;)

Dear Scale, 
You won this week. But don't be fooled into thinking that you have beaten me. I always get restless at the end of the month & end up eating things I shouldn't, especially as its gets closer & closer to shopping day. I will beat you next week, you will see!

Dear Budget, 
We make a great team. Even though I am not putting as much money aside as I would like to, I am at least putting something away. And we all know that something is more than nothing. :)

Dear Health Insurance,
I don't even think I have words for you. You make me so angry, yet I am very happy to be one that actually has insurance. If you could just give me the medication my doctor prescribed for my PCOS, that would be fantastic. If a medication works, why would you make people run in circles trying other medications before allowing the person to have the medication that we already know works? It is just so ridiculous.

Dear Blog, 
You got yourself a nice little face lift. I promise I will leave you alone for a while. Besides, I am going to be putting some of my creative focus into my Designs for Donations experiment. :)

Dear Readers, 
There are so many of you now! I can't believe it! Thank you so much for following me & my not-so-exciting at times journey. There will be new things to come with my blog as I try to find my way into the review circuit. In the mean time, make sure you get your entries in at my first giveaway by clicking, here!

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