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This is the post where I might say too much & get a little personal. It's real, raw, & true. Although it might not be a fun as the hundreds of blog hops, the giveaways, reviews, or the "favorite color" question & answer sessions, it serves a purpose. I have deleted & re-written this post a number of times in the past couple days, due to not truly knowing where the blogger line is drawn. Then, I realized, even though I appreciate every single one of my readers, the true purpose of this blog is for me to vent when I need to. Not all topics are rose colored & happy, & even though my main intent behind this blog is staying positive, to post only life's positive punches would be cheating. Things will get real from time to time & I hope you will stick with me through those times as well as the good times.

This week has been pretty unbearable. As many of you know already, I am one out of ten women that is currently battling Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS.  It's so sad to think that in America one out of every ten women will be diagnosed with this incurable disorder. What is even worse is how it affects every woman differently & no two cases are the same. A medication that works for one, can fail another. It is a constant trial & error with no true cure.

Due to my insurance companies rules & their playing around with the medication I take for my PCOS, I went sixty-one days without a cycle, after three months of regular cycling. Three months of my body trying to figure out what it is supposed to do, & bam, medication not covered, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  My insurance company, even though the medication I was originally given works, has decided that before they will cover it, I have to fail at least two more medications of the same nature. On what planet does this make sense?

I must now switch to a new medication with hopes that it will work in the same way my previous medication did. I'm still on the old medication, thanks to a sample pack given to me by my amazing doctor, but I had skipped the medication for two months while the insurance company made their decision to make things more difficult. This lapse in medication is what caused my lack of cycling & in turn has made my current menstruation to be one of the hardest cycles I have ever experienced. 

It is day nine, I've gone as long as fourteen days in the past. I am miserable, irritable, & hungry for all the wrong things. The pain during the first few days was beyond anything I have ever experienced to where I could do nothing but sleep to ease it. I felt it mainly on my right side, & I felt my entire ovary seize up & let loose, seize up & let loose, until I was curled up in a fetal position in tears. Thankfully, that part has seemed to pass only leaving my ovary dull & achy. I only hope for this to be over soon & that the new medication that I start next week, will not fail me. My weight is yo-yoing & I don't really feel like weighing myself again until this has passed. Though, it seems that I have only gained .2 of a pound since my last weigh in & I'll take it!

There is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Today, I pushed myself to take Odin out for a walk. I need to get my body moving more. I used to walk over two miles a day to get to work a couple years ago, I know I can do it! I just need to get that motivation. This morning I filled up my MP3 player & I downloaded an app for my phone called Runkeeper. Now, I don't run... I never have as I am very awkward, but this app has a setting for walking as well as running, bicycling, hiking & more. I set it, started it & took Odin out. Upon arriving home, I stopped it & was very impressed to see that I walked a little over 1.2 miles in less than 29 minutes. This might seem slow to all you runners out there, but it's something!

It's a start.


  1. Ah...very often I struggle with the "what do you tell the blog world and don't you". I did start my blog for me and to vent when I need to. It helps for me to get my emotions out of me...but to know that actual people will read it...opens up a-whole-nother book. But we're all here to uplift in a time of need!

    I do, however, want to tell you to stay encouraged Ms. Lady!! I'm sure it sucks having to go deal with the physical issues you're having on top of dealing with insurance companies. I think their sole purpose is to give us the run around whenever they can. Be that as it may, the system is designed for us to need them, so the piece of advice I can give you keep moving forward! Put each bad day behind you and face each new day with your head up! Life is full of ups and downs and sometimes it feels like the downs can outweigh the goods...but live for good times.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement. Life is totally full of ups & downs, however, sometimes it's hard to keep your head up with life gives you many downs in a row. lol.

  2. Hey there -
    This was a good post. I just recently found your blog. It was one of those that I enjoyed and knew I wanted to follow right away. It sounds weird, but I enjoy how you address your topics. I should point out that I'm working on weight-loss, self-acceptance and being healthy inside and out as well. Also? I have PCOS so I know what it's like.

    As far as what to blog about, I know all about that, but my best thought is honestly, just do it for you. I know we bloggers tend to leave some things out of our posts for both privacy and respect for the reader . . . but in the end, the blogs I enjoy the most are most real and multi-dimensional. Plus, I've seen several bloggers (including a very popular one!) recently have kind of . . .gone AWOL or else decided to up and abandon their blog for a new start because, in their words, they were stressing too much over how they came across and didn't want people to see anything less than glossy so it was turning blogging into more of a chore than anything. So bam! - gone. I guess what I'm saying is that your blog is really wonderful, I'm glad I found it and write what you want to write for you, even if you have to edit it or you only feel like giving the abridged version. Someone who really enjoys your blog will be there for the poopy times as well as the fun stuff.

    1. This has got to be the most kind & heartfelt comment I have ever received. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this! I must say, I am a bit confused about you liking the way I address my topics. lol. I'm a bit scatter brained at times.

      You have PCOS as well, I'm truly sorry that you have to go through it as well. It really makes life hard at times.

      Glad that you are following & sticking around even through the poopy times. I'll try to keep it interesting. :)


  3. That sucks about your insurance. :( Good on the honesty, though - we all go through 'lady business.'

  4. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop! you have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more. You can find me at

    -Melanie @

  5. Sorry you haven't been well, and I haven't been here to read it! :( I do hope it ends soon. I think my longest cycle was 6 weeks, but I was 12 at the time, and I never (and still have never) had cramping or pain. I've been lucky.

  6. that sounds ridiculous and i would hate to have to go through that. well done for staying positive and I hope u get a good outcome. I think it was a great blog post, I have been considering a pist about period issues with my implanon but like you, wasn't sure what to do! but i think the real subjects are far better to read about so thanks for this!! :))


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