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Life lately has been pretty simple. It's kind of been the same ol' same ol', one day at a time thing. I've spent lots of time with my furbabies & even more time crocheting. I finished the crochet cozies that I am going to be giving away here on Keeping Plus in a couple days, so keep an eye out for that. :) 
I've also been thinking about starting a new segment here on Keeping Plus called "Designs for Donations". Basically, this segment would be me offering blog graphic services for "donations". I know that the economy is tough right now & people can't afford to be paying an arm & a leg for digital services. With Designs for Donations, you could set your own price. It's still in brainstorming at the moment, as I am not sure just how many people might want to take advantage of this offer. If you would be one willing to be a part of the Designs for Donations experiment, just let me know! :)
Yesterday the Mister & I took Odin to Ralph Stover (not to be confused with Russell Stover) State Park. Odin had a great time fetching sticks as usual. He even learned the lesson of why you don't run on ICE. I felt a little guilty that I laughed so hard, but to see him slide across the ice was truly hilarious. It was pretty cold, only about 28° & a snow storm was coming in, so we didn't stay too long.

We got cold pretty quickly & were shocked to see a man getting ready to kayak his way down the river. My teeth chatter just thinking about it. We said hello as we walked by & told him that we thought he was absolutely crazy. He smiled & said that he had to do it at least once. He waved goodbye & pushed off into the frigid icy water. He made really good timing down the river though, we actually passed him getting out of the river on the way back home. 

Good for you crazy man, good for you! :)

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  1. I love the pictures of your furbabies! :)

    I think Designs for Donations is a good idea (and a catchy name with the alliteration). I think it would also work for people who could probably eventually do it themselves if they practiced but are just too lazy or busy (like me, lol, but mostly lazy). If you did it for enough people, you might get a fair amount of change out of it.

    That state park looks pretty and fun! It looks like you had a great time. My dog is little (15 lbs), doesn't ride in the car well, and thinks she's a cat. She's not good for excursions like that, unfortunately. Brrrrr! It got to up to 61 degrees yesterday here, and the LOW was 30 degrees, but that was in the middle of the night.


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