No longer wanting, but needing...

My want for winter to be over & spring to begin has transformed into a need. I need to snow flurries to stop & for the sun to start warming up the earth. I need for the pipes to thaw so I can run the hose again. I need the life & colors to return to all the dormant plants & trees. Yes, I need spring!

I want to start gardening. I would like to expand my little garden this year, so that I can include more vegetables than last year. I have grown tomatoes & bell peppers the last two years, & now I absolutely hate buying them in the store. They are so overpriced it is ridiculous. Last year, I also gave Zucchini a go & I have to tell you, it was the most amazing Zucchini I have ever had in my life, though the poor little plant could not grow the wonderful squash faster than I picked it.

I already have planned what I want to grow this year, now, I just have to wait for the most horrible season of the year, winter (yes, it is the worst!) to give way to spring so I can get everything ready to plant. 

This year I plan on growing:

-Tomatoes, two plants, one full size & one cherry tomato.
-Bell Peppers, I usually plant two plants, I might plant three this year. I freeze them & use them when the season is over.
-Zucchini Squash, will be planting two this year in hopes to keep a well stocked kitchen this year.
-Spaghetti Squash, if I can find it... I am going to be planting it!
-Jalapenos, my bell peppers do amazingly well here, going to give jalapenos a shot if I can find them.
-Cilantro, I plan on making tons of fresh salsa, yum!
-Salad Greens

Pictures from Spring 2012
I can't wait! Do you do any gardening? If so what are you planting this year?


  1. If I had my own place where I could garden...I really think I would. :)

    1. Have you ever thought about container gardening? It's amazing the amount of stuff you can grow that needs very little space.

      Our yard is a tiny city yard. About the size of two parking spaces stacked end to end, if that! lol. Trying to make the most out if it. :)

  2. I too need spring, but that is more about needing to spraypaint something so bad my trigger finger is twitchy!

  3. We never GOT a winter here in my part of Texas. :( I would LOVE a good snow before it warms up... oh wait, it's already in the 60s here. lol. I am jealous of your flair for gardening, though. If you start growing spaghetti squash, I'll be even more jealous. I have a yard probably half the size of yours described above. I have space for container gardening, but everything I've tried to grow in the past has molded without sprouting, sadly.

    1. We never got a lot of snow, but it's been cold as heck. I wouldn't mind winter so much if it could at least stay pretty for a while. Cold, wet, winter in the city is just terrible. I didn't mind it half as much when we were living in the country.

      Haha, flair for gardening! That's a joke all in itself. It's all trial & error with me. I planted a couple things last year that didn't turn out well at all. I just forgot-cough-cough to mention those things.

      I don't remember if I saw spaghetti squash plants last year... but I hope to see them this year because paying $5 for a small squash is quite ridiculous. I have to garden because I don't have a nifty co-op to go to, like you do! ;)

    2. Oh yeah. ;) lol it's all good forgetting to mention the ones that didn't take off.


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