Tuesday's 10 Day YOU Challenge {3 films}

Hello everyone! It's Tuesday, so it's time for Tuesday's 10 day YOU Challenge. We're getting pretty close to the ending here! Today's topic is three films. Boy, is this a hard one. I absolutely love movies! Movies are big in my family. Yes, we are the type of family that can sit in a room & list off loads of actors who played in different movies with the actors of the movie we are currently watching. So, I'll see if I can limit it to just three.

3.) Fools Rush In, I have always loved this movie. It's pretty cheesy & is definitely a chick flick, but hey, I am allowed to have at least one. :) I think most of it has to do with Matthew Perry. He completes me. Haha. ♥

2.) Saw, not just the first one, but the whole series. I love gory horror movies & this one was truly one of my favorites. It really is hard to pick only three movies, so I'm trying to only post my top favorites.

1.) History of the World Part 1. Sometimes you just can't beat the "classics". Mel Brooks at his finest in my opinion. I can pretty much repeat this movie line to line throughout the entire thing. Loved Madeline Kahn as well, she truly was an amazing actress.

Like I said, I have a ton of favorite movies, & it was really hard to only pick three. I also love all of the Disney Pixar Films. The amazing musicals RENT & Phantom of the Opera. Anything with Johnny Depp, Matthew Perry, Jack Lemmon, Anthony Hopkins, & Bruce Campbell. Anything made by Tim Burton or with the music by Danny Elfman. The list goes, on & on, even if I had to list twenty, I would still have trouble picking. Television shows would be even tougher! You know Doctor Who is one of the first ones on there!


  1. Ok I have to admit I think it's so cute that you said Matthew Perry completes you. I guess just because back in the friends era I had a major crush on him... I thought he was everything! Glad someone shares/understands my passion. I just found your blog and I have really enjoyed your writing and getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Thanks for following Bonnie! :)

      Seriously, can Chandler -be- any cuter!
      I fell in love with him watching Friends & it just grew more & more with every film I have seen of his.
      Plus, he & I share a birth date, so... we are destined to be together! haha! :)


  2. I really liked Saw, too. The first one was the only REALLY good one, though. Saw II was okay, but the rest are just "meh." :) And of course Rent is <3.


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