Weigh In Wednesday!

The last couple weeks were pretty bad. It was close to shopping day & our cupboards were getting bare. And, like always, I decided that it would be so much easier to just order in. Bad, bad, idea! Because of that, & starting a new medication, my weigh in last week was actually up 1.4 pounds, yikes! I realized, that eating healthy all the previous week was completely wasted when I decided to order from our favorite pizza restaurant. I was so angry with myself....

How angry was I? Angry enough to go grocery shopping, watch my intake closely & drop 5.6 pounds this week! Yes. I knew I would beat the scale this week. This 5.6 loss, put me over 15 pounds lost since January 9th. Just a tad over a month. That's right, 15 down, 95 to go! :) I no longer have 110 pounds to lose! I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I do feel that having my blog helps. Even if no one would ever read past the title of my posts, writing it down, getting it out there helps.

I've changed a few eating habits this past week & for the remainder of the month, & possibly longer. I switched from skim milk to Almond milk. I am still getting used to the texture difference, it still seems way too rich to be good for you. lol. But I find that it is really yummy as a snack with a banana. I also kicked our white rice out for some organic brown rice. I had never had brown rice before, so I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like it. However, I actually like it a lot better than it's white starchy counterpart. Speaking of starch, I've limited my bread to a slice or two of whole wheat & have completely done away with potatoes. You have no idea how much of a triumph that is for me. Potatoes are a huge weakness for me.

Meals this month have consisted of either hearty salads with spinach, like the one from my recent post & a mixture of stir fry vegetables & salad shrimp served over brown rice. Yum! This has become my favorite. I also created my own recipe for a Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper that came out pretty darn good. I will be posting about that as soon as I can get my laptop up & running. The AC adapter decided to crap out on me, so the pictures to go with the recipe are stuck in limbo. Poor laptop, it should be fixed by the weekend. I'm currently using Mr. B's computer, which is over ten years old & takes another ten years to get anywhere. I'm going to start pulling my hair out if I have to be stuck with this much longer! ha-twitch-twitch.

I still have been fairly lazy & not exercising like I want to. I am sure that the pounds would fall off faster if I would get off my but & actually do something. Blogging & crochet don't burn nearly enough calories. ;)
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  1. Today is my weigh in day too and I forgot to get on the scale. I will tackle that tomorrow. Congrats on you loss! Way to go!!

  2. Congratulations, chica! You're doing really great! What type of almond milk did you get again? I mean unsweetened original or unsweetened vanilla or just original or just vanilla? I usually get the unsweetened original, and it does NOT taste good drinking plain (I never drank milk plain anyway, so that's fine with me).

    1. I think it's just original. I'm not really sure. lol. It was the only kind they had at Costco. :) I was going to pick up soy milk, but they replaced it with Almond, so I decided, why not! It's by Silk.

      I didn't really like it in cereal, but it could have been the cereal I was eating too.

    2. I don't really eat much cereal, but I have had it in cereal before, and it was okay. I usually buy Almond Breeze brand, but the Silk kind is good. I remember getting the 3 gallons when I bought it at Sam's Club... lol. Just FYI, it says to use within 7 days of opening on some of the cartons, but I've used it up to a month later with no bad taste or getting sick. ;)

  3. I went through an almond milk phase, but I had to have it in cereal... It was gross to me drinking it straight! And we are super guilty of just getting take out whenever it is easier than cooking whatever we have in the cabinets. I always get upset with myself the next day thinking about the money we could have saved and the calories =(

    But congrats on the weight you have lost so far! 15 pounds since Jan 9th is AWESOME!! =)

    1. It is so much easier to just order out, ugh. I hate it! However, I love the fact that I have cheekbones again. Haha. :)

      Thank you so much! I have a long way to go, but it's a start. :)


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