A hundred blog ideas, forgotten. (More or less)

Why is it, when you are laying in bed at night, as you are just about to slip into lala-dreamland... You think of every fantastic, smart, witty, & oh so inspirational blog idea? 

Am I the only one who fools herself into thinking that I will actually be able to wake up & blog about the very dream dusted ideas I had the night before? Of course, when I wake up, I don't remember a single thing. I only remember that I had thought of something outstanding, life changing even! Okay, maybe not life changing. But still.

Several nights this week I have laid in bed & thought of many topics I would love to write about "when I wake up", but then something happens...

And I can't think of a single thing to write about. Maybe the next time I have a great idea, I'll get out of bed, trek downstairs & write about it on the spot. 

Yeah, I really see that happening.

Maybe I just need to brainstorm more often, during daylight hours. :)


  1. For me the exact same thing happens, except with book/story/essay ideas.

  2. Put a small notebook and pen by your bedside. When an idea hits you, write key words or topics and discussion points. While it's not a whole blog post, the things you write down will hopefully become triggers to unlocking the thought you had the night before. Everything is still in our brains, we just need an effective trigger to bring it to surface.

  3. That happens to me all the time! So frustrating! I'm a new follower...your blog looks awesome! Come check mine out if you get a chance. :-)

  4. yes! I think of 1000 things when I am driving home from work, then by the time I am home, gone. So annoying!

  5. Happens to me constantly. I've started keeping a note on my phone with a running list. That tends to help.


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