Bye Bye GFC, Hello Bloglovin'.

First of all, sorry it has been so quite around the blog lately. Mr. B decided to share his lovely cold with me & I have been feeling like a pile of poo for nearly three days now. All I want is to breathe again, pretty please! You never realize just how much you need to be able to breathe, to be able to sleep, until you are unable to. I'm a mess, so I am just hiding inside my home with my buddy Netflix & my monster Odin until I am able to grace the world with my less mouth breathing presence.

Moving on... As most of you know by now, Google announced yesterday that they will be doing away with Google Reader. Now, this may or may not mean that Google Friend Connect (GFC) will be done away with as well. I've read on several other blogs that they believe that GFC is going bye bye as well, due to them being linked together. So, just in case this is true, if you would like to remain following me please follow me through Bloglovin'. The link to my Bloglovin' profile is on the right sidebar, just above the GFC follow button. Just click on the link & it will take you to Bloglovin', where you can then click on Follow. Easy Peasy.

If you already have a Bloglovin' account, you can also import all your current Google Reader subscriptions. When you log in to Bloglovin' there should be a banner in blue to take you through the couple steps to make the transition a breeze. To be honest, I believe Bloglovin' is a much nicer way to view your subscriptions anyway. ;)

That's it for now, I have a few things in store for you very soon! Until then, don't forget to enter my Perky Jerky Giveaway going on right now. It ends on Monday! :)


  1. I hope GFC doesn't go away. I know lots of people like bloglovin, but I haven't signed up yet and it doesn't seem as widely used as Google. I have a Linky blogs account and I have hardly anyone following me that way - most of my followers do so through GFC.

    1. I hope GFC isn't going either. However, it seems that Google has been trying to phase out GFC for over a year now. They actually want everyone to switch to Google+. (Like that is ever going to happen.) I guess it's a wait & see game. It seems that when someone follows you via GFC, most use their Google Reader to read the feed from your blog. So, without Google Reader to read the feed, it seems like there really is no need for GFC.

  2. Hey There! I am now following by Bloglovin also!

    Take care,

  3. I'm so sad that reader is going away because GFC is SUCH a huge deal to us bloggers! :( I seriously am quite upset about this change. Anyway, yes I transfered all my blogs to bloglovin so you'rs is on there now. :)

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