Friday's Letters {Month's End Edition}

Dear Mr. B, you are driving me insane. I know We all know that you want to go fishing. You can not change the weather no matter how much you wish you could. I do see the irony of it all, despite what you think. How is it, we get two straight days of rain on your days off & today, the day you go back to work, the sun is out & the sky is blue? I just don't get it, you must have pissed someone off somewhere because your luck is just sad. Spring will be here soon enough & then you will be able to go catch some monsters & I will be able to breathe in knowing that you are once again, content.

Dear Luck, my good luck anyway... I seemed to have had a lot of you personally in February. I won quite a few giveaways from quite a few awesome people. Just waiting for the last few things to arrive & I will do a giant post about all my new goodies. It's an awesome feeling to see an email in your inbox saying "winner", especially when you are so used to being a loser. lol. Now if only that luck could hold on long enough to buy a lotto ticket, we'd be set! ;)

Dear Garden, I am dreaming of you. I can't help it. I want to try so many new things this year! Pinterest is really not helping me make a decision on just what I truly want to do with my little city yard. I found a posting on Craigslist for some old pallets for FREE, that's right F-R-E-E... I'm thinking I might just have to drag Mr. B over & pick up a few up before they are all gone. Can you say, project time! :) Let's get crafty!

Dear Budget, February was a huge fail, though it was not entirely my/our fault. The car decided that it needed more work done... fantastic! Good thing our tax refund was finished & sent out early or we would have been boned, like, seriously.

Dear Scale, last month was fairly decent. In the end I lost nearly 6½ pounds total for February alone. Bringing my grand total loss to a little over 15½ pounds lost since January. Let's keep it up! :)

Dear RunKeeper, You are a nifty little android app & I like you a lot! I walked a total of three miles this past week & you helped me keep track. I set a goal to walk a total of ten miles within the next few weeks. You have to start somewhere, right? Maybe, when no one is looking, I'll run a bit of it! ;)

Dear Runners, I am so jealous of you! Seriously! As I sit here ecstatic that I walked 1½ miles in under 25 minutes, you are posting images on Instagram of running 3 miles in under 30 minutes. Uhm, what!?! I'm so slow & awkward, I envy your speed & agility. The force must be strong with you! Haha.

Dear Readers, thanks for sticking with me as I figure out what being a blogger means to me. You all are fantastic! :)


  1. Just came across your blog - i love how honest and personal it is! Thank you for sharing with us, x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  2. Dude, you rock! I love that you're so honest about your progress - like "I'm calculating I walked 1.5 miles in under 25 minutes - that's so me. I really enjoy your blog so much.

    1. Your comment brought a pretty big smile to my face. :) I seriously have no idea how runners do it! I run for like .0006 of a second & I'm already red as a lobster & ready to keel over. Someday I might make it for a whole minute, but not today! lol.

  3. I enjoy your honesty and your goals/dreams. Way to go!
    Try not to focus on that damn scale, it seems like you are doing a terrific
    job :-)
    Would you like to swap ads?
    I am going to post yours on my blog right now.

    1. Thank you very much Kym!
      I would love to swap ads! I'm heading over to add you in now. :)

  4. Found you through That Frday Blog Hop

  5. I just got your new blog button up! I know it's not exactly new lol, but I've been away so I'm just now getting all the buttons updated. :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  6. awww I see my button already. How sweet. I'll have to get yours as well. Thanks hun.

    I think everyone has spring fever. I'm ready to get outside with the boo (fur baby) and let him chase his ball and do whatever while I take pictures. As for luck..what exactly is that b/c I think i have bad luck 365 days out of the year. I do have to have to ask how are you losing all this weight. My weigh sadly comes and goes due to lack of a gallbladder for now 9 yrs. 10 this yr. not sure i should throw a party or not LOL but I have been getting on the stationary bike and have made it 36 cals but that's getting on twice today. I did make it to 21 the other day


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