Mr. B has been on vacation...

Since Mr. B has been off on vacation, I have not really had a chance to sit at the computer long enough to write a full blog post. Tomorrow & Saturday he will be out fishing, so I will have more time then, but I wanted to post a quick update to share with you guys what we have been up to.

Can you say ROAD TRIP! I swear it is one of my favorite things in the world. I love to just get in the car & explore. We don't get to do it too often because there is either not enough time. Mr. B works retail, or not enough money... let's face it, gas ain't cheap! But I have been so spoiled the past couple days & have been able to take some pictures along the way.

First trip was to Safe Harbor Dam & the Susquehanna River. 

And that was Road trip one!

Road trip two, was today & we went up to the Appalachian Trail. Not as many pictures today, it was pretty grey & rainy out.

So now that I have bombarded you with tons of pictures, you may now go on with your life as scheduled. :) Things shall be back to normal around here on Monday when Mr. B goes back to work. 



  1. What a beautiful bunch of photos, thanks for sharing x

  2. So beautiful! Great pictures. Looks like you had fun!

  3. I saw these photographs on Facebook when you posted them... shame on me for not coming here to comment! I think my favorites are the black & white. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I'm so jealous you have such pretty stuff nearby! There's really not much here by way of aesthetics to go and see.


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