Surely you know about Cafepress!

Surely everyone knows about Cafepress by now. Yes, I'm serious & don't call me Shirley! Okay, now that that is out of my system. I'm pretty convinced that everyone has heard of Cafepress in one form or another. If you haven't already heard about these guys, you will now!

Cafepress is an online store that sells fun shirtscoffee mug, & tons of items for various hobbies. You can even order you own custom shirt! How cool is that?

While browsing their site, I totally hit the yarn/knit/crochet lovers jackpot of adorable items. I am in love with pretty much their entire collection of crocheter/kniter & photographer t-shirts, coffee mugs & bags. I also like the fact that they have many options for the plus size gal such as myself. Way to go Cafepress! Not everyone is blessed with a size 0 bod & you respect that... good on you mate! :)

I'm planning on making a purchase fairly soon but I really can't decided on which item I want. I really am thinking between this...

Peace-Love-Photography Messenger Bag

They are both really cute... So it's going to be a really hard decision. Maybe, I'll just have to look at my custom options & make my own. Tiebreaker! :)

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  1. I LOVE cafepress! I designed a shirt for my husband for Christmas 2 years ago and it turned out fantastic. They have such fun, unique stuff and I love the customizing options. :)


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