You learn something new everyday. Well, perhaps you already knew this, so you'll have to find something else knew to learn today... but, I just learned what the "&" stands for. This seriously blew my mind & has now become one of those meme like things spreading around Facebook. Once you see it, it can't be unseen.

Did you know that the "&" symbol also called the Ampersand, actually is a ligature of the letters "e" and "t"? Why "e" and "t", well I found that out too! ET (no, not phone home!) is actually Latin for "and". Traced back from as far back as the first century AD the first Ampersands clearly showed the "e" and the "t", but as time passed & styles changed the symbol lost some if not most of it's origins.
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Also, The word Ampersand was added to dictionaries in 1837. It was created from a slurred or slang form of the phrase, "and (&) per se and" which was what the alphabet ended with when recited in English speaking schools. Historically "and per se and" followed any letter in the alphabet that was also a word in the dictionary. So letters such as a, i and at one point o. Ampersand or (&) was actually at one point in time the last letter, well character, in the alphabet. Which means that the end of the alphabet was actually recited, "x, y, z, and per se and". Yikes, could you imagine that! I had a hard enough time learning that gosh darn "elemeno-p" when I was a kid. ;)

Anyway, I just found this interesting as the Ampersand tends to be my favorite key on the keyboard & I had no idea of it's quite lengthy & intriguing history. If you want to read more about the ampersand & you aren't already bored to tears, & are still reading at this point, you can find more information here & here.

Thanks for reading!
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