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While reading through my monumental heap of blog subscriptions, I am way behind. I came across Erin's post over at Living In Yellow called "Getting Personal (Answering The Tough Questions)". In this post she goes on to ask herself, & in turn fellow bloggers, a series of deep questions to get the cogs in that noggin of yours churning. So keep your legs & arms safely tucked inside as we begin the deep sea dive into ourselves.

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?

On one hand, I really would like to say that I would not want to do anything differently as every decision, subconscious or not, brought me here to this point. I do feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. However, I would be lying if I said that I couldn't think of a single thing I would have liked to be different in my life. The one thing, that really stands out the most, would have to be listening to all the negative & self-esteem crumbling things that were said to me while I was growing up. If I could go back & talk to my younger self, I would tell her that she is not ugly, nor stupid. That she is worth something & that some day she will meet someone who will love her truly & unconditionally, just the way she is. I'd tell her to walk with her head held high & embrace the person she is inside. I'd tell her that I love her & to rise above all of the chaos & drama which was holding her down.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Right off the bat, I see myself married to Mr. B. I see myself hopefully quite a bit lighter & closer to my weight loss goal. I mainly want to see myself & Mr. B happy, no matter where we are. I'd like to see myself expecting a beautiful bouncing baby, if not already a Mommy. I hope to still be blogging & maybe have a few more followers. Perhaps my photography skills will improve. Oh, & I hope to finish at least ONE knitting project by then! lol.

3. Do you honestly want kids?

Yes & yet maybe. This is something I wavered on for a bit & it eventually sent my relationship with Mr. B into a tailspin. Luckily instead of letting it nosedive we pulled up & talked about it & are still talking about it. We want a family, but we worry about the world we would be bringing them into. We have our good days & we have our bad. After every "terrorist attack", government set up bombing & or shooting, we lose more faith in humanity. Yet, when it's just us either on a day trip or out fishing, we think about the joy in sharing those moments with a little one. At the end of the day, nothing has been set in stone. But I think we are leaning more to starting a family, than not.

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?

I honestly don't think I have a single best moment in my life. I have a few times in my life I would call the best, meeting Mr. B for example. Buying a house together. Bringing Odin home from the pet store. One of the biggest was flying out to California & seeing my Dad for the first time in ten years. Yes, that was a really amazing moment.

5. What is your life theme song?

Oh my gosh. I really have no idea. I would have to say "Just Might (Make Me Believe)" by Sugarland. Life is hard more times than not, but in the end with Mr. B by my side, I know we can get through this. I would also have to say "Bring On The Rain" by Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw. I think that one needs no explanation.

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?

Complete self acceptance. I'm working on it.

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?

Putting others ahead of myself & loving unconditionally. I know, that's technically two, but they go hand in hand.

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?

I'd be on a plane to Southern California with Mr. B in a hot second. I really would love to spend an amazing two weeks with my family & show him where I grew up. Plus, take him to Disneyland, duh!

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?

I'm not going to lie. I have been through a ridiculous amount of challenges for being only in my twenties. I have overcome verbal & mental child abuse, a seriously twisted codependent relationship, & horrendously low self-esteem. I've been technically homeless, car-less, & money-less. I've dumpster dived, used napkins as toilet paper, & ate expired food. My credit has been decimated by my codependency. I've watched sex, drugs & alcohol ruin lives of those who were close to me. But the question still remains, what was the most challenging moment in my life? That would be when I cut ties with the person who brought all the above chaos & drama into my life. My mother. I burned that bridge in August of 2011 & have not looked back. Sometimes you have to let go of people from your past simply because they don't belong in your future, or are not good for your health.

10. Summarize yourself in one word.


"Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style." - Maya Angelou

And so concludes the deep sea dive through the wheels that turn inside my mind. Thanks for reading! If you decide to answer these ten questions, let me know! I'd love to read yours too!

-Krys @ Sunshine&Rain


  1. Hello from Aloha linky party! I am loving your blog on bloglovin and stalking you on GFC :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Hugs x

  2. Wow. These were good questions. I admire your bravery in answering them; as I was reading through I was considering whether I'd do this post and - nope. I'm not ready to share some of those answers with the world, even the small portion that does read my blog.

  3. What a great post topic! Loved reading this- thanks for sharing! Xo


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