Movie, Mexican Food & Margaritas.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this post over at Wifesionals. It's a post introducing a new series & link up called Alphabet Dating. Now, Mr. B & I don't get to go out too often, but I was immediately excited to participate! Why was I so excited? Well, if you have read my most recent post you will see that our four year anniversary was this past weekend. :) 

So, I thought it would be an awesome idea for our anniversary to be brought to you by, the letter "M" & the number "4". :) So, what to do for date night revolving around the letter "M"...

We decided on...

A Movie, Mexican Food, & Margaritas.

First up, the movie. Mr. B & I decided that we would go out, for the first time, to a movie on opening weekend. This is a huge deal for us, as we are not huge fans of crowds of people! But we took the risk & went out to the earliest showing of Evil Dead.

Sorry no pictures. I mean, really, how can you actually get photos of a movie nowadays without being deemed as some terrorist. lol. The movie was good. It is way different than the first. It starts off more serious but gets back to it's B-movie roots towards the end. Gotta love Bruce Campbell! The movie made it even more apparent that Mr. B & I are soulmates as we seemed to be the only ones laughing at some of the goriest parts. We shared a bucket of popcorn, a soda, & a box of Milk Duds & were shocked that it costs us $19. It really is getting crazy expensive & nearly impossible to go out to the movies in today's economy.

After the movie we were off to the next two M's on our list. Margarita's & Mexican food.

We live in Pennsylvania so there are not too many Mexican food places to choose from. Nothing compared to what I am used to in Southern California. It is very easy to find good Mexican food in Cali, here... it's taking a shot in the dark. We decided to try On The Border, which yes, is a chain. Restaurant chains get a really bad rap sometimes. Honestly, On The Border was pretty amazing. If you like spicy food, I really really recommend their jalapeno poppers. To-Die-For. Mr. B had their brisket tacos & I had a combo. The best thing on the combo, was their chicken taco. Again, to-die-for. Mr. B & I both ordered their Strawberry Swirl Margaritas, which were probably the best margaritas I have ever hard. Though, a bit on the pricey side.

After dinner, we took a walk in the park near our house. We walked hand & hand & eventually stopped on a little bridge, where Mr. B decided he would be romantic. He professed his love for me & asked me to marry him, again. Of course, I said yes, again. I can't wait until October 1st, 2014. The day I can say "I Do" & continue to spend our lives together.

I brought my tripod along so that I could get a few shots of us. Little did I know I would end up taking the best picture of us, of all the time we have been together. I guess, when you feel that much love, it radiates through the world.

So that was our anniversary date, brought to you by the letter "M" & of course the number "4", :)

What is your favorite date night choice?


  1. I so want to see Evil Dead! We will probably see it at home though, as M isn't a theater fan. I have only been to On the Border once here, but it was pretty good. Very cheesy, if I remember correctly (which is a good thing ;) ). The pictures are lovely, and it sounds like a wonderful, romantic day. I'm glad he's so good to you, and you to him!

  2. That food looks really yummy! I'm pretty sure we have an On the Border around us, so we'll have to try it out!

  3. Glad you linked up with alphabet dating! So fun! Congrats on the engagement...marriage pretty much rocks! Gorgeous pictures!


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