From Firsts to Lasts {Tuesday Link-Up}

First Things First

Today I am linking up with Halie & Hallie for the From Firsts to Lasts Tuesday Link up. This link-up is hosted every Tuesday & there are two topics to discuss each week. The first few Tuesday's of the month will be centered around your "firsts" & the last Tuesday of the month will be focusing on your "lasts".

This weeks topics are:
  1. The first store you head to at the mall.
  2. The first aisle you hit up at the grocery store.

1. I quite honestly despise the mall. Le Gasp! I know, blasphemy right? There are two things that stop me from being a "mall" person, a.) I'm not quite what you would call a girly girl & b.) The main reason why mall shopping is a rarity... I'm poor. lol. That being said, there are usually only three stores I go into a mall for. Mastercuts, not really a store but it counts, I actually drive a good twenty minutes to the mall to go to a specific Mastercuts because I like the people there & they do a great job cutting my hair. I also go to Kay Jewelers to get my engagement ring inspected & cleaned, since that is where we bought it. It also happens to be in the same mall as my Mastercuts. And last but not least, Payless Shoes. Since I have such big feet, I have to order my shoes online & I, again being poor, take advantage of their site to store free shipping. So these would be the only, quite rare occasions you might find me in a mall.

2. First aisle in the grocery store. Well that would really depend on what I need at the time. Usually if I only need a couple items, I head to the aisle with the closest item. However, if I am doing a full shopping like I do at Costco, I start at one end & go through nearly the entire store. I believe the first actual aisle I enter at Costco is the cereal aisle. Can't beat bulk cereal. :)

So, that's it for this Tuesday... until next time!


  1. I LOOOVE bulk buy stores. I am a Sam's Club girl, but something about so much food in one box makes me sooo happy.

    (said the girl who needs to be going to the gym like NOW)

    thanks for linking up with us:)

  2. We love Costco too! And definitely nothing wrong with some bulk cereal! And I don't really go to the mall that much myself really - I much prefer Target & Kohl's!

  3. I really hate overcrowded places like malls despite being bought up in London lol. You have a fantastic blog, now following you via GFC and bloglovin, xoxo.


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