Happily Gardening...

Five 'Reward Hybrid' Zucchini Plants.

This week I was finally able to start my spring planting. I spent an entire morning weeding & then planting the many varieties of tomato & pepper plants that I purchased from Glick's Greenhouse. That's right, I went to Glick's which means I can cross something off of that Spring To-Do List I created.

This year we extended the garden, nearly doubling the entire thing. Of course the extended part of the garden went to growing one thing & one thing only, Zucchini! Oh-Em-Gee, last years Zucchini was absolutely amazing on the grill. The only problem, we only had one plant, so the squash was being eaten faster than the poor plant could produce. However, we should not have a problem this year as I planted five, yes five Zucchini plants all in a row. Isn't it beautiful? ;)

This year will be the biggest year yet for our little city garden, as I went a little crazy on buying. We decided to buy local this year, all plants were purchased from Glick's Greenhouse in Oley, instead of the Lowe's down the street where I usually purchase our plants. And because we shopped local, we paid local prices which meant I could buy more than I could before.

We spent just a tick under $20 for all the plants in my garden today. And I actually felt good about where my plants came from. So you might be wondering, what the heck can you possibly buy for a twenty? Well I will tell you!

Five Pepper varieties, 'California Wonder Pepper', 'Giant Marconi Pepper', 'Orange Sun Bell Pepper', 'Garden Salsa Hot Pepper' & 'Jalapeno Hot Pepper'. Three Tomato varieties, 'Delicious Tomato', 'Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato', & 'Yellow Pear Tomato'. Five 'Reward Hybrid' Zucchini, Four Cilantro, & Twelve Marigolds. I also planted 'Cherry Bell' Radishes & 'Short n' Sweet' Carrots from seed.

I can't wait for everything to start growing & producing! There really is nothing better than fresh picked veggies. Yummo! Anywhere, here are a few pictures from my garden. I told you it was small! :)

Marigolds & Peppers.

Marigolds & Rose Leaves.

My Hydrangea.
Tomatoes & Marigolds.
Beautiful Garden stone from Adirondack Stone Works, Marigolds & Daylilly.
Speaking of Tomatoes... what you might not know about me, I burn, easily... Pale to lobster in under five minutes. I spent a good four hours out in the garden, no sunblock, *self facepalm*. Needless to say, Ouch!

But at least my hair looks fabulous. ;) I just got it cut.
So I will most likely be blogging more about my little garden as it grows. I'm so excited!

Do you have a garden? Do you grow edible & ornamental? 

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  1. Looks like you got some great deals! Way to go for shopping local! Your garden looks like so much fun as a person who lives in an apartment, I am very jealous!


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