Humidity, PMS, & a very SLOW internet connection.

These are a few of my excuses for totally ignoring you guys for the past few days. Comcast, my cable company, blows... majorly. It has been making my computer run slower than if it were to be on dial up, worse even. It takes me five minutes to load a page & then once I decide to change to another page, it locks up. Now this would normally be fine, I would breathe, give it a few minutes & try again. But lately, even the sound of Mr. B's spoon clinking on the side of his cereal bowl makes me want to crawl out of my skin. Clink, Clink, Clink. Gah! 

As you can see, I may or may not be the best of company right now, eh?

Another great excuse for avoiding le blog lately... Candy Crush. How hard can a Facebook game possibly get? I have been stuck on the dang Jelly Level 65 for over a month now! But not anymore. This morning while Mr. B & I were watching Top Gear, I showed that level who was boss. I even did a little victory dance while screaming "I freaking did it!". Of course, I am now stuck on level 67. 


Anywho, I have a few things in store for this little blog of mine in June. My blog is turning ONE! To celebrate my Blogiversary, I am looking for a few bloggers to team up with for a giveaway. If anyone is interested in taking part in the group giveaway, let me know! I'd love to have you! 

Now, thank you all for waiting so patiently to find out the winner of the Golden Island Jerky Giveaway! I will not keep you waiting... 

Congratulations Angie B., you won the Golden Island Jerky goody box! Please check you email & reply with your information so Golden Island Jerky can send it right on out to you.

Thank you all for entering & thank you for bearing with me, as Candy Crush slowly takes over my life. Haha.


  1. I would be interested in donating ad space for your 1 year blogiversay!

  2. “Humidity, PMS, & a very SLOW internet connection” - absolutely not agreat combo! I too would ignore everyone if I experience this. Have you figured out what made your internet super slow though? Sometimes, it only takes a reboot to speed-up the internet. And for me, basic troubleshooting does the trick most of the time. Jannette @


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