Not so 'wordless' Wednesday.

Mr. B is on vacation this week. I'm so happy to have him home. Well, I can't really say he has been home. Monday we took a road trip back up to the Appalachian Trail. Yes! Another thing to cross of my Spring To-Do list. We made a day out of it & made sure to stop into our new favorite sub shop when were were over there. Fox's Pizza Den in Dauphin is amazing! Try the roast beef sandwich, you'll love it, I promise! 

The past few mornings/afternoon's Mr. B has gone off fishing. I miss him while he is gone & I get a little lonely here at home, but as long as he is having a good time & comes home in a decent mood. I don't mind. It rained all day yesterday, so he was acting like a biatch wasn't in the greatest of moods. Hopefully when he gets home this evening the hair will have fallen out of his bum, where it seemed to be lodged yesterday. ;)

I had planned on doing a Garden Update soon. But a bird (a Starling), has decided to terrorize my poor plants. The leaves were torn off of a few of my bell pepper plants, along with all of my zucchini plants. We picked up bird netting yesterday, so that will my next project. Plus, I will have to replant what the birds destroyed. I was very upset when I discovered the remains of what used to be my garden last week. Stupid bird.

At least the weather is nice today... I hope the weather is nice in your neck of the woods & that you are able to enjoy it! :)

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  1. What beautiful photos! The day looked perfect.

    Stopping on by from the The Great Blog Train. :-)


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