So long May, welcome June. Blogiversary Planning.

I really can not believe how fast this month as flown. And even more unbelievable still is the fact that we are only a few weeks away from being half way through the year. 2013, the year no-one thought would come. Hah! 

So what is happening in June? We firstly, my little blog is turning one & I am still seeking bloggers to sign up for my Blogiversary giveaway. Thank you to all those who have already signed up. I am so excited to get things started! If you are interested in taking part in the celebration, send me an email at sweetiememoirs{at}gmail{dot}com, or click, here. I will be taking sign ups until June 10th, that way I have enough time to put it together before the end of June. :)

I also have a few recipes, reviews, & giveaways in store this month that should be really fun. And hopefully more will develop as we go further into the month. 

On another note, I have been contemplating starting a graphics 'shop' as a side to my blog here at Sunshine&Rain. But I really would only want to do it if there is a crowd for it. You all have seen my work, the layouts I have had here on my blog... what do you think? Is there a space in the world for this bloggers designs? If anyone is interested in having their blog made over, free, so I can build up a portfolio... just let me know. :)

I hope you all are enjoying your Friday & that it's a great start to your weekend! Mr. B heads back to work tomorrow. So you can guess what kind of mood he is in. lol.

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