Spring To-Do List Update!

So it's time to update that list I made about a month ago. That's right, my first ever Spring To-Do List. I honestly have done better than I thought I would have. I've managed to cross off six! Well in reality it is five & a half because although I did 'spring clean' the house, I did not break out the steam cleaner. Oh well. I'm not going to feel bad about it. Moving on... I think Odin will be getting a bath sometime this week if the weather stays nice.

1.) Prepare the garden for spring planting. 
2.) Take a trip to Glick's Greenhouse & Lowes for plants & gardening supplies. 
3.) Plant tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, & a few other plants (edible & non-edible). 
4.) Deep spring clean the house (dust, vacuum, mop, steam clean, the works). 
5.) Organize closets & sort through clothing for donation. 
6.) Buy spring flats. I currently have zero. 
7.) Spend more time outside with Odin. 
8.) Get my hair cut. 
9.) Go out fishing with Mr. B. 
10.) Paint the kitchen. 
11.) Wash the car (inside & out). 
12.) Give Odin a bath. 
13.) Participate in another Cara Box Exchange. 
14.) Road trip back to the Appalachian mountains & the Susquehanna River.

So did you make a to-do list? If so, how are you doing with it? I'd like to think I've done pretty well so far. :)


  1. You have done well so far! Cleaning out my closet was the biggest thing I did, it felt great.

  2. Great job! We all need a good spring cleaning every now and again! Payless has SUPER cute flats right now! I found some fuchsia peep toe ones on sale (I have a photo on my instagram of them). I definitely want to do a cara box this month! I keep seeing the reveals, and really want to do it!!so fun!


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