The Snoozer & Separate Beds.

Why is it, the person who snores is always the first to fall asleep? Mr. B is a snorer. Just as soon as we are snuggled up & I am about to drift off to sleep... Mr. B starts to snore. And, it's not just a cute little snore. It's loud, it's gross, & I am pretty sure it is ripping through space & time.

What makes matters worse, is Mr. B is also a cuddler. Now, I'm not saying that I don't like to cuddle. I love to cuddle when the time is right. Watching a movie on the couch or while talking in bed. But when it comes time to actually sleep, I need my space. Quiet space.

Mr. B, being the talented man that he is also laughs, jumps, kicks, talks & grabs in his sleep. Boy, I am a lucky lady! Kidding. I seriously think when it comes time to replace our bed, we will have to buy two singles. Let's rewind back to the 50's, I think they had it right! 


With our different sleep habits, I honestly wouldn't mind having my own bed. We have separate covers anyway. Mr. B likes to sleep fully covered with the sheets & comforter tucked neatly underneath. While, I on the other hand, hate when the sheets are tucked in & I always sleep with one leg outside of the covers. He prefers the restriction & I prefer freedom. 

I know there are many opinions on whether couples should sleep in the same bed or apart. Like many things, I actually find it silly that so many people have heated arguments about this. In the end, I find it is for the couple to decide.  

That being said, does your partner snore or contribute to a bad nights sleep in some way? Do you share a bed or have you entertained the thought of separate beds?


  1. My main problem isn't with my partner in bed (although he does snore and occasionally elbow me in the face or shoulder), my problem is when he wakes up and I am still sleeping and he decides it's time to watch YouTube or play video games and does not put headphones in. After 5.5 years, I am still trying to get that it is disrespectful through his skull.

  2. Oh man, I'm the snore-monster in my marriage. My poor hubby! We do already have separate blankets and it was a regular thing for me to sleep on the couch (I even did a cartoon post about it) - but now that I'm back to work, I work days and he works nights, so it's all good every which way now. :)

  3. I can relate so much! I can deal with the snoring because my boyfriend isn't too loud, but in my situation, it's more of a space issue. Not only does he take up more than half of the bed, but my dog (and she's tiny, only 10 pounds) likes to sprawl out and take up the other half.. leaving me a tiny sliver in the middle.


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