Time to update that little list again!

Yes, that's right. It is time to cross a few more things off of the Spring to do list I made a couple months ago. :)

I have now crossed off organizing my closet. A big ol' check mark belongs on that one. I spent an entire day sorting through, washing, & putting away clothing. I have three bags of clothing to donate, thought I am not really sure where to donate to. I guess I will need to look into that one.

I also washed the car, inside & out. You really have no idea how big of a project that is. Odin, is a Saint Bernard Border Collie Mix & he sheds BIG TIME. And it's not easy to clean. After fighting with my vacuum cleaner, I ended up using his de-shedding brush to pull up all the hair in the backseat. Boy, what a challenge that was. Krys - 1. Dog Hair - 0.

Speaking of Odin. He has now gotten a bath. That was way fun. We do not have a bathtub, only a standup shower. So imagine if you will a 75lb dog being pushed into a standup shower for a 'bath'. Honestly it sounds a lot worse than it really ended up. He sat in the shower & didn't leave until I told him he could. Odin really is an amazingly good dog, in-spite of his size. lol.

And if you read yesterday's post, you will see that Mr. B & I took another road trip up to the Appalachian trail. Marking yet another thing off of my list. Hooray! 10/14 accomplished. Not to shabby. I think I have done better than I expected.

1.) Prepare the garden for spring planting. 
2.) Take a trip to Glick's Greenhouse & Lowes for plants & gardening supplies. 

3.) Plant tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, & a few other plants (edible & non-edible). 
4.) Deep spring clean the house (dust, vacuum, mop, steam clean, the works). 
5.) Organize closets & sort through clothing for donation. 
6.) Buy spring flats. I currently have zero. 
7.) Spend more time outside with Odin. 
8.) Get my hair cut. 
9.) Go out fishing with Mr. B. 
10.) Paint the kitchen. 
11.) Wash the car (inside & out). 
12.) Give Odin a bath. 
13.) Participate in another Cara Box Exchange. 
14.) Road trip back to the Appalachian mountains or the Susquehanna River.

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