I try to keep my cool...

Usually, I try to keep my cool. Even when things get frustrating. I'm normally the calm collected one telling Mr. B to just breathe. Yet, yesterday, I blew up in Target. The Target Pharmacy to be exact. I dislike when people are lazy & when they clearly have not done their job. I will try to explain this as clearly as possible.

For the past two weeks, well actually longer than that. I would say that a good part of the last four months, I have spent waiting for the pharmacists at Target to get something right. I set up my auto-refills on their oh so nifty auto refill service. You know, the service they boast about, the service that is supposed to make it easier on you. Ha! Several times my prescriptions have been booted off of the service for no reason at all. I hate making extra trips, so I always set up my prescriptions to be refilled all at the same time. I can't quite wrap my head around the fact I feel like I am standing in line at the Target pharmacy counter three to four times a month. This should not happen, but I keep my cool & try not to let it get to me.

However, two weeks ago, on my third prescription pick up for the month, the lady at the counter tells me that I have no refills left on half of my prescriptions. I know this to be a lie because the bottle in my purse, next to the word refills, in bold, is the number 5. I have six prescriptions being filled at this pharmacy & everyone of them had at least one refill left. I kept my calm & told the lady that it was fine & if she could please call my doctor's office to request refills. After all, part of this oh so nifty auto refill service was the convenience of the pharmacy contacting the doctor when your refills are up. This is already in her job description. It's nothing above & beyond her call of duty. She tells me she will & I tell her I will come back later to pick them up.

Fast forward a little over a week later & I receive an automated phone message telling me that I had a prescription to pick up at the Pharmacy. They continue to call with the automated message twice a day, everyday. I had to wait until Mr. B was off from work so that we could run & pick up my medication. At this point, I've already been out of the medication I take for my PCOS for three days. 


So yesterday, I run in really quick to pick up my prescription. I am greeted by the same woman, she asks my name & pulls out a target bag from behind the counter. She pulls up the piece of paper with the bar code & name of the medication. It's not the medication I needed. They called my doctor & some how managed to refill an old prescription that I did not need. I told her the name of the medication that I was actually there to pick up. I even brought the empty bottle so she could see it. She looked at the bottle I was holding & then looked inside the small target bag & told me she doesn't see it there...

What? Seriously? She just stares at me, like that solved the problem. I tell her again, that it should have been ready to pick up. So she huffs a bit, like how dare I tell her to do her job. She gets onto the computer, & then tells me for the second time in two weeks...

There are no refills left on that prescription.

I was so beyond angry at that point. I couldn't not hold in my words of frustration & I let it all out. I told her how upset her incompetence has made me. She clearly had not done her job, not once, not twice, but three times. Her co-worker offered to call my doctor, now that I was clearly making a scene & letting everyone know that they were not fit to dispense medications. I told her not to bother. I am now in the middle of transferring my prescriptions to Walmart. I am also looking into filling a complaint higher up the Target food chain. Medications are not something to mess around with & having been screwed with repeatedly, I won't be returning to that Target for quite a while. Mr. B prefers Walmart anyway. ;)


  1. I've never had scripts filled at Target, so I don't know much about their service.
    But from what you mentioned here I won't be using them.
    I use a local phamacy, a family owned operation.
    I hope you have better luck with Wal Mart.

    Kym at DeafintheKitchen

  2. I had so many bad experiences with pharmacies that I decided to start using Sam's Club Pharmacy ...BEST decision EVER!

  3. I wish we had smaller family owned pharmacies around here. Everything is dying out to the big box stores. Not that I can complain too much. The box stores do save me money. lol. Thank you so much for wishing me luck. I'm really hoping that this will be a good change & that it won't get worse.

  4. We don't have a Sam's Club around here, but we do have a Costco. I love my Costco, but because my prescriptions are always being filled at different times, & our Costco is a half hour away, it's easier to switch to something close by. If Walmart fails, I will be switching to CVS. They are building one two blocks away. lol.


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