Rock Solid Knowledge.

Have you taken the quiz created by Blue Nile? It's called Rock Solid Knowledge. Apparently diamonds aren't my best friend. I only scored a 2/7 when I took it for the first time! How lame is that. That's okay, I prefer puppies! ;) It does have some interesting facts about our engagement/bridal culture. It's a quick quiz & shouldn't take too long. So why don't you go ahead & find out your own score? Can you beat my crappy 2 out of 7? I'm pretty sure you can!

Oh & after you complete the quiz. Don't forget to head on over & enter to win these beautiful Blue Nile Earrings in my Grand Blogiversary Giveaway!


1 comment:

  1. Lols.. Even I got 2 out of 7.. Nice quiz btw..

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