Swimsuit Shocker.

Something quite wonderful happened this weekend. I bought a swimsuit! Okay, this might not seem like a big deal to most of you. But I have not had a swimsuit since high school. Mr. B & I don't own a pool & I usually wear swim trunks & t-shirts when we go to the river, so I never really had a need for one. But, Mr. B & I had plans to visit a friend of Mr. B's on Saturday, where there would be swimming. So Saturday morning it was decided that we would go to Walmart & see if we could find anything I liked. 

When we first arrived at our local Walmart, I immediately got discouraged. Our Walmart is so disorganized & with it being just within city limits, it's fairly urban. I searched through the racks of swimsuits to find that the only ones in my size were bright florescent pink or wide zebra striped. Now, I understand that someone somewhere would love to embrace her more to love figure with such bright & obnoxious prints. But I on the other hand, prefer to be a little less bold & a little more classy. 

With that being said. I eventually found a suit that I liked. However, it was a size smaller than what I wanted to originally try on. My heart sunk. I was never going to find something in my size in a print that was flattering. Mr. B suggested that we go to Lane Bryant, but with us being on a fairly tight budget I knew eighty dollars for a swimsuit was out of the question.

I threw the suit that I liked into my cart & told Mr. B that I was going to try it on anyway. I was assuming that I needed a larger size than a 2x, but I didn't know for sure since I have not worn a swimsuit in over seven years. I went into the changing stall, & slipped into the swimsuit & watched it fit me perfectly in every way. Not only did it fit me correctly, it slimmed my apple figure, felt extremely comfortable, & looked amazing!

I have never loved a swimsuit in my entire life. But that changed the minute I walked out of that changing stall. I felt confident wearing it out by the pool & it left me feeling confident about my body ever after I took it off. It was almost as if a light flicked on & made me realize that I could love my body for the way it is & not hate it for what it is not. After all, the swimsuit didn't change who I was, but it did change how I saw myself.

Not bad for a $25 swimsuit, eh?


  1. Thanks so much! Everyone is shocked that I was able to find a swimsuit at Walmart of all places. lol. I love it, now I just need to get Mr. B to buy us a pool. Haha.


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