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Have something to say or share? Want to be a guest poster here on Sunshine&Rain? I would love to have you! The best part is, my blog is so versatile, you can pretty much write a post about whatever your heart desires! Recipes, arts & crafts, weight loss, trying to conceive, pregnancy success stories, fur babies... really anything you want to share. Just let me know!

I also would love to swap sponsorship's with you. If you are interested in swapping buttons, take a look over here. I do have a Passionfruit ad account, which makes it easier for all parties. :) I also will keep you on my sidebar as long as you keep me on yours. Some of my wonderful sponsors have been there for months! I figure why change a good thing, right? But, I am always open & looking for new fresh faces.

If you have any questions, or want to volunteer to be a guest poster send me an email here or head on over to my contact page. :)


  1. I would be happy to do a recipe guest post if that would be something you would like on your
    Let me know.
    Email me:

    Kym at Deaf in the Kitchen

  2. Bestie, I hope you know I am always down to help out. :) You are also welcome to return the favor over at my little part of the blog world. :)

  3. I applied for a sponsor spot to swap! I put your link up too, hopefully you'll approve my ad, thanks!

    -from your newest follower at


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