Happiness is...

Watching Odin & Apollo become friends. Something I never thought would happen. Apollo was so jumpy when we first brought him home. He had dogs try to eat him in a previous home. Before he came to live with us. Because of that he was so weary of Odin. That & the fact Odin is clearly a tall, slobbering, clumsy, giant in Apollo's eyes. As time has progressed, they started to not only play together, but they started to bond. They could even tolerate sitting on opposite ends of the couch at times.

And then this happened... 

Apollo jumped up & laid himself in between Odin & myself. He then started to purr & knead into Odin's furry tail. Odin didn't mind & I quickly had to grab my camera before the magic faded. 

This lasted for quite a while, just the three of us. Dog, Cat, & the food giver.♥


  1. Aww, I love it when animals get along. It really makes me smile :)
    xoxo -B ♡


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