Humid Lazy Days + Blogiversary Giveaway Winner!

It has seriously been way too humid for this Cali girl. I can handle 90 degree days, maybe even 100 degree days back home. But here in Pennsylvania, 85 degrees is pushing it most days. All you can really do is sit very still in front of the fan & hope that a thunderstorm blows through & lowers the humidity a tad. That, or keep the air conditioning on for nearly three days in a row...

Yeah, we did that. Which is why I am now sitting in front of the fan trying not to move. The electric company is making bank this summer & it has only just started! I'm looking forward to camping in the fall. So summer, if it isn't too much trouble, let's have an early & long autumn, yes? Dream big right?

In spite of this horrible humidity, I have found myself once again being bitten by the crochet bug. It feels too dang hot to deal with yarn, but I am inspired & intent on finishing my largest granny square blanket by the autumn. I ran out of yarn this morning, which means when Mr. B has off this weekend we need to make a Walmart run. Sunday, arrive faster... please!

Speaking of getting bitten... There is a certain love hate relationship going on in my home at the moment. Mosquitoes love me & I hate them. The other evening, while watering my garden I was bitten eight times. Yes, eight. It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't allergic to them. Which is what I must be because the bites last for days & swell up larger then they should. This last session of love bites caused my right hand to swell up quite a bit. It also left my entire hand, fingers, palm & all itching day & night for the past three days. I tried all the old wives tales on what stops them from itching & absolutely nothing worked. Alcohol, Listerine, Baking Soda, Calamine, Lotion, Aloe Vera, Toothpaste... nothing. But then we went to the store & bought a bottle of Benadryl Gel. Good lord, sweet relief! After one evening of coatings the redness & swelling went down & it took the itching away with it. I'll swear by this stuff, & might even have to buy stock in it with how aggressive the mosquitoes are this year.

Any who, I bet you are all wondering who won that pretty nifty giveaway I had this month to celebrate my blogs birthday. Well wait no longer!

*Drum roll please!*

The winner is, Natalie H!

Woo! Congrats Natalie, thank you so much for entering! 

And thank you so much to the awesome bloggers & shops that helped make my blogs birthday awesome!

Don't be too bummed if you didn't win this round. I'm always looking for new fun Giveaways. In fact, if you come back around tomorrow morning, you can check out an awesome giveaway I am taking part in! *Hint* The prize is from SEPHORA! Awesome right? So, I do hope you'll stick around.

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  1. yay, thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!! I need to get some of that Benadryl because mosquitos are eating me alive this summer too!


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