I'm craving, YARN!

Okay, seriously guys. There is some amazingly beautiful yarn on the interwebs. What a freaking tragedy it is that I am poor & can't afford any of it! I seriously need to find a supplier or shop that will let me review their yarn on this here blog. That way I can crochet until my heart is content & share the step by steps of the patterns I find. 

I mean how beautiful is this Orchid inspired yarn by FiberCurio on Esty? Oh, isn't it just lovely!?!? It's almost too pretty to use. Or how about this Sugar Plum hand died yarn by Wondering Wool? There are just way too many beautiful yarns out there, I could spend all day adding them to my "Yarn Love" folder on Pinterest.

I'm thinking of blogging tutorials on the few crochet things I have learned myself. Complete with pictures. I know a few friends of mine, might just be interested in the good ol' step by steps. Plus I would enjoy showing off the few things I have come to figure out through various blogs, & crocheter friends on YouTube.

I half jokingly told Mr. B that I should offer to crochet baby blankets for people for the cost of the yarn & shipping. I really do enjoy crocheting for others, more than myself. Plus it would give me the opportunity to work with yarn weights & colors I wouldn't normally work with. Ah, it would be great if it worked that way. lol.

My favorite yarn so far has got to be Caron One Pound, it just is so easy to work with. I really wish that the retailers in my area would carry more of their colors. I really want to work with their Peach, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I might just have to bite the bullet & purchase it directly from them. I just hate paying full price for yarn, plus I like to look at the color in real life. Computers can be tricky when it comes to showing the true coloring of the yarn.

Are you a knitter or crocheter? How about both? What has been your favorite yarn to work with?

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  1. I am a knitter. I have tons of EXTRA yarn that we could possibly work out a deal on if your interested.


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