Kernsville Dam Butterflies

This week Mr. B & I decided to take a drive less than an hour away to visit the Kernsville Dam. We figured we would take a walk with Odin while I snapped a few pictures. Being a weekday & that kids are supposed to be back at school I figured they wouldn't be too busy. I was wrong. The dam & trails were packed with people, but the compact yet beautiful wildlife area was void of anyone. So we parked & explored it a bit. 

There was a gorgeous butterfly bush filled with butterflies. I was mesmerized & very well did not want to leave the spot I had found myself in. Normally, I am a huge baby & do not like to walk through brush or bushes. I hate spiders & snakes & usually the thought of what could be lurking beneath me would have made me miss the entire experience. But I was determined to get up as close as possible!

And I was rewarded for doing so.

These black butterflies with the vivid colors were the most friendly, they were not shy & it was as though they were wanting to show off their beauty. 

The yellow butterflies were a bit more shy & made me challenge myself & the little photography skills I possess.

They sure are beauties aren't they?

There were other blooms which the butterflies enjoyed dancing around too.

The wildlife area consisted of quite a few different flowers & shrubs. It is maintained by a company called the Blue Mountain Wildlife, Inc. I think they are doing a fantastic job & I am really glad that people like myself are able to come & enjoy the beautiful blooms & butterflies.

So if you are ever in the Kernsville Dam area, which is actually in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. I encourage you to check out this small piece of nature & enjoy the butterflies. I'm sure the black beauties are just waiting for someone to admire them. ♥


  1. Absolutely love the photos! You did a great job! And love the new blog style too!


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