That time I tried Kale...

Lunch. Sweet Kale Salad Mix (160 Calories) & a Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge (35 Calories). 195 Calories Total.
So, Kale eh? Yeah. Kale kind of intimidates me. Why? I really have no idea. Something about the look of it, the way the heath nuts go crazy over it, the completely snooty attitude that seems to surround it, just kind of scares me. Now, I am not saying that all people who eat Kale are snobs, but since Kale is a very trendy & 'in' thing right now a great portion of them seem to be.

However, while on our monthly shopping trip at Costco I came across a salad mix that intrigued me very much. So much that I purchased it & I am now calling it my baby step into the Kale trend. The salad mix is by Taylor Farms. It is called Sweet Kale Salad Mix & from what I have read on their Facebook page it is only sold in Costco stores at this time.

Now kale is not the only thing in this mix, it also has broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, & chicory. It includes a toppings packet which contains dried cranberries & toasted pumpkin seeds. You don't even need to use your own dressing as it also comes with two packets of it's very own, and very delicious if I might add, poppyseed dressing.

I've always been a fan of salads, but I can honestly say that this salad was pretty darn spectacular. It had so much flavor which I really wasn't expecting. I've never been a fan of any type of seed or nut in my salad. I know some people put almonds or walnuts in their salads for extra protein. But for me it always just had a wrong texture. The pumpkin seeds added a lot to this salad & a few went quite a long way. 

I really can not even describe how much I enjoyed this salad. And, kale isn't so bad after all. I might just have to make some room in my garden next spring & try to grow my own. In the mean time I really hope Costco keeps selling this product. As long as they are selling it, I'll keep buying it & I might just throw my old iceberg lettuce habit out the window.

Do you like kale? How do you eat yours? I know some juice it & others cook it. What is your favorite way to eat this supposed super food


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