We want to buy a what?

Mr. B sitting on a Ural. Thinking 'B' should stand for Boris. ;)
Mr. B & I took a trip over to Philadelphia to look at Urals this past weekend. Why? Because they are super fun & we might just be thinking about purchasing one a little bit down the road. I think it is a fantastic idea & it's one I am really excited about.

If you have never heard of a Ural, it's a lucky day as you are about to learn something new. A Ural is a Russian motorcycle typically including a sidecar. (where I get to sit!) These motorcycles, or ones similar have been being made since the early 1940's. If you would like to know their entire history, you can read about them here or just Google for tons of interesting information.

Mr. B is an avid motorcyclist & rides his current motorcycle nearly every day. He's been known not to let rain or even snow bother him. Yes, he is a bit crazy but those who love him know it & don't love him any less. We have been trying to find ways that he can take me with him on rides, decent weather permitting of course. The only problem is, I am a plus sized lady & he ain't to shabby in size either. Despite seeing Harley riders with quite a lot in tow, it's not easy finding a bike that has a high enough weight capacity. So enters the Ural.
Source: Ural
The Ural with it's sidecar more than takes care of our weight situation. I think that this would add a certain bonding element that multiple motorcycles couldn't provide. The few we have looked at have had some extremely comfortable seats. It also has a fairly large trunk in the back of the sidecar. Large enough, believe it or not, of doing a lite shopping trip.

We have yet to test drive one. Though I am really looking forward to it. There are only two Ural dealers close by, & even they are over an hour away if not more. But both Mr. B & I agree that it was well worth the trip to be able to sit in one of these & dream about what it would be like to owning one. The more research we do on it, the more we are thinking about actually doing it. Of course it won't be for a while yet, but it's nice to know what we want for when the time comes.

Have you ever been on a Motorcycle? How about a sidecar? Would you ever consider one? Let me know. 

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