With change comes utter chaos... okay, maybe not quite.

The past two weeks have been about change. As you can see, some changes have taken place here in my little piece of blogger land. Sunshine & Rain has taken it's final name change. My lack of blogging recently has been to take a step back & really look at what my blog is really all about. It also was for me to find out if the name I had chosen was still one I would like in a few weeks. I know some people hate change & I wanted to make this change as smooth & final as possible. So let me introduce you to The Mister & Me. A blog still very much as random as the day it started.

If you follow me on Bloglovin' or GFC, nothing will change. I will still be in your feed, just under my new name. If you follow me through RSS or email, you might need to re-follow via feedburner found here. My url will remain the same until I find the need to buy my own domain. Which I honestly don't see happening

Upon returning from my quite short break from blogging, I returned to what seems to be slight chaos. Firstly, Passionfruit Ads which I use for my sponsor bar is deciding to start charging as of September 1st. This irked me a bit as I really was just starting to get into the groove of things there. I know many of you were using Passionfruit for your ads, are you going to pay for their services or have you found a new free site? If you have please let me know in the comments, as I have no idea where to even start looking.

Secondly, my Google Analytic page is no longer tracking & I have no idea what happened. I have gone through the Google troubleshooting steps & have even re-installed the tracking code & nothing worked. Have any of you had issues with your analytic page? If so, help me! I'm normally pretty good at fixing things on my own, but this one I am pretty dumbfounded.

Source: BBC via MTV Geek
So another change is taking place... or has taken place. This one effects more than myself. The BBC has chosen a new Doctor for Doctor Who! The twelfth doctor is being played by a man whom I am not familiar with named Peter Capaldi. I honestly would not have chosen him. My vote was for Richard Hammond from Top Gear. I adore him.

But none the less, it seems many were surprised by the casting of such an older gentleman since the Doctor's regeneration cycles have been making him younger & younger. Perhaps this is a way for the BBC to continue on with Doctor Who without the Doctor becoming a child? Even then I do believe there were many more candidates that could have been better chosen & I like many others hope it was a joke to throw everyone off.

I never really had a strong bond to Matt Smith as Doctor Who. Don't get me wrong, I like him & I find him hilarious but David Tennant will always be my Doctor. I waited months before watching the new series with Matt Smith, simply because I was throwing a tantrum that Tennant was gone. I am quite happy that I have a few seasons of Doctor Who to catch up on & that the Matt Smith era is not over for our household thanks to Netflix. It kind of puts a positive spin on not having cable, sort of


  1. I so would have loved to have seen Hammond as the Doctor, lol! Good luck with the new name!

  2. I know right? Hammond is amazing. Then again, he does look a lot like Tennant. It was even pointed out in an episode of Top Gear that featured Tennant as the guest driver. Maybe that is why I love him so much. :)

    Thank you so much!♥

  3. I do my own sidebar buttons...but all of mine are swaps, so no money involved there. I wrote a tutorial in the Blogging Tips & Tricks section on how to create your own clickable buttons...in case you don't already know how. It's really not that hard. Sorry I can't help with the Google Analytics...I don't actually use that...yet. :) Like your new look. :)


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