Every time I think I have my ducks in a row, the damn ducks waddle off in all different directions. That pretty much sums up how the past week has been. My mister is broken. He has been home from work for a little over a week now. The doctor says he might be able to return to work in eight to twelve weeks. He's never been home that long, we've never been together that long.

Last Thursday Mr. B slipped at work. He had a mildly dislocated shoulder, a hairline fracture to his scapula, & a full on break of his clavicle. His entire shoulder is badly bruised, & dare I say his ego as well?

Needless to say the last week has been nothing but stress, followed by a series of paperwork & phone calls. I have never experienced workers compensation myself, nor has Mr. B, so this whole ordeal is new to us. I have taken it upon myself to take charge of getting his workers comp in place. I feel bad enough that he is in pain, & bored as he tells me every five minutes. 

The other day I started calling the numbers I had found around 11am... My final phone call for the day ended just a little after 3:30pm. I wrote down the name of the person after every transfer. There were seven people I spoke to in total. And honestly, it was the seventh person that was the only person I wanted to speak with. The seventh person is our/his caseworker. In fact I was so on the ball with my calls, that I managed to get his case transferred where it needed to be & spoke with the brand new case worker less than an hour after his case landed on her desk.

Waiting is the worst part. Mr. B is the sole provider in our home & not knowing when the next check will be coming in is very stressful. I was very irritated by Mr. B's company for not providing him with the names & numbers of the people for HR & Workers Compensation. We were only provided with them after asking about them two days later. And even then we were only given a single phone number as management had no information. Upon speaking to HR, it was made apparent that the management team should have indeed known the information & passed it along to Mr. B. We lost two days because of them. Two days that we could have used to get the ball rolling. However, we still got a hold of who we needed to & got things in motion. I'm thankful for that.

Well wishes have been being poured out onto my personal Facebook for Mr. B to get better soon. A friend of the Mister's even surprised us by having pizza delivered to our home. Everyone has been so thoughtful & I am truly thankful for that as well.

We are trying to look on the positive side of things. The major two we have found, 1.) The Mister & I get to spend some time together. To reconnect & bond without him working crazy hours. And, 2.) The weather is changing. The past two days have felt like fall. Fall is our favorite time of the year, & now that the Mister isn't working, we will get to truly enjoy the color changes that autumn brings here in south eastern Pennsylvania.

Positive thoughts, good vibes & prayers are always appreciated. 

If we can get through this, we can get through anything.

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  1. Oh no! That does not sound like any fun for either of you :( I've only ever been on the Mgmt end of WC, and let me tell you - it's no fun from our end either. Hope you find a new routine for you both soon and that the Mr. finds some things to occupy his days!


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