Fast Faves: Italian Sausage & Peppers

Italian Sausage & Peppers has pretty much been a staple in our home this month. Some days, we get busy, we've been running around or just trying to accomplish things, & I just do not want to cook. This is my favorite, I don't want to cook meal. It is so simple & delicious. I really is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Mr. B loves it & that works for me!

What you need. Sausage. Any type would be fine I am sure. We use Premio brand sausage that we buy in bulk at Costco. We switch between the sweet Italian & the hot. You also need, Bell Peppers, an Onion, Olive Oil & Sandwich Rolls.

Remove skin/casings from sausage. To do this you just simply slice lightly into the sausage top & peel off casing. Heat on medium about a tablespoon of olive oil in a large frying pan. Add sausage to pan & brown both sides, two to three minutes each side.

Once sausage is browned on both sides & is mostly cooked. Add sliced onions & peppers to pan. For heat I like to throw in sliced fresh jalapenos & garden salsa hot peppers from my garden. I cook peppers & onion until al dente. We like our peppers to still have a crisp to them, if you don't, cook them until desired.

Easy peasy, right?

I then serve the sausages on steak rolls. I top them with the peppers/onions & we usually add a bit of ketchup on top. It's a huge hit here at home, & many times Mr. B & I have thought about making them without the sausage. Though, we have not tried it yet. ;)

We are having them again for dinner tonight. ♥ What are you having?


  1. That looks amazing!!!


  2. Thanks so much! :) It's super easy too. I can't even tell you how many times we've had it this month. haha.


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