Did anyone else notice that the ninth season of the best show ever, Grey's Anatomy, was added onto Netflix. Of course it was added the first week of twelve that Mr. B will be home, because of this. Figures. Luckily Mr. B actually likes the show & has agreed to watch it with me. Though, because he clearly has a life job, he hasn't seen very many of the episodes. Which leaves me wanting to pause the show every five minutes to explain why April Kepner is so angry, or why my eyes get all glassy when they mention McSteamy Mark Sloan.

We are about half way through. So no spoilers, as I am sure those who follow Grey's have already seen season 9. Unlike, us poor folk who rely on Netflix & only Netflix for our television entertainment. Hopefully, that will be changing soon as Comcast is charging us way too much for the terrible, down right shitty service we receive. Plus the fact we can have basic channels, phone & internet all for the same amount of money we are spending on cable internet alone. Talk about a rip off! But oh, how I would love to be up to date with all my favorite shows. We are still many seasons behind on Dexter, which is both Mr. B's & my own absolute favorite.

Because of Mr. B being home, we are giving good ol' Netflix a run for it's money, as it is slowly becoming our only source of entertainment while the Mr. B's bones heal. Currently we are switching between Grey's Anatomy, Fringe & Battlestar Galactica. When we run out of those, who knows where we will go. I am hoping by then they will add Doctor Who, Supernatural & Warehouse 13 seasons. It is almost fall, which is usually when season premiers start on television. So my fingers are strongly crossed for that.

What are your favorite shows? Any fellow Netflixers out there with suggestions on what to watch while Mr. B is on the mend?


  1. My favorite shows now are Orange Is The New Black & Breaking Bad. I've been netflixing for quite some time so I have seen almost every series there is in three days max! lol

  2. I love Breaking Bad (we are all done with what Netflix has) & I watched all the Orange Is The New Black episodes in like four days! Netflix is like an addiction for me. Luckily we have not ran out of shows yet. We are on the last season of Battlestar Galactica. We finished Grey's Anatomy season 9. They just added season two of the New Girl & another season of Fringe. So we're still going strong! haha.


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